SWOT Analysis Essay

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a strategic planning that will help Pathao identify its internal and external factors. Strengths and weakness are internal factors that Pathao can control and use in its favor.


? Pathao has a positive brand image as it is the first bike ride sharing app in Bangladesh that has been running for the past 4 years. Pathao has become a brand name that people can trust.

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SWOT Analysis Essay
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? Pathao has maximized is application as it is available in an app form that can be easily be downloaded on almost every smartphone.

Therefore it is able to reach massive amount of people.

? Pathao is known to be a quick service provider in it various fields. For instance, Pathao Parcel delivers its goods anywhere in Dhaka city within 3 hours.

? Pathao is known to give the most promotional offers compared to any other bike riding apps in Bangladesh. For example, new customers get 70% off on their first ride. This furthermore attracts new customers.

? Pathao provides very strong tracking system to its users so that they are able to keep track of their goods anytime.


? Pathao is completely dependent on its app which means if the app faces any technical issues it will drastically hamper the whole business. This may lead to a decrease in revenue.

? Despite the advanced technology Pathao often has technical issues regarding its GPS which hinders its use for its customers as well as its riders. This therefore demotivates its current as well as future customers to use its services.

? Pathao has very poor customer service and helpline. Uber on the other hand provides outstanding customer service.

? Riders are usually not well trained. Therefore they drive and behave inappropriately.

? Drivers at times tend to be disloyal towards Pathao as its not a full time job, by working under other ride sharing services to earn more.


? Pathao can introduce female bikers and drivers to fill the gap in the market. By doing this Pathao can increase its customer base as well as its target segment.

? Pathao can increase its service matrix by providing improved busses. Pathao can ensure trained drivers with innovative bus facilities to differentiate itself from local busses.

? Pathao can expand its services in foreign markets where labor cost is low. This will spread Pathao’s risk and increase market share.

? Few years down the line, Pathao can provide shipping services for border line countries. Since Pathao is already a well-established brand, it will be easier to expand and explore.


? Increasing number of competitors entering the market such as Uber, Obhai, Bi Cars. Even though this benefits the customers but makes it harder for Pathao to survive in the market.

? Since Pathao needs to survive in the market it charges competitive prices which results in lower profits. This will make Pathao’s growth slower and expanding harder.

? It has been found that drivers do not always activate the application when the ride starts. This causes a loss for Pathao.

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