Swoosh A breathing atmosphere retains an aura of mystery In the Essay

Swoosh. A breathing atmosphere retains an aura of mystery. In the middle of approaching hell, awaited hell is yet to occur. Extensive sounds begin to invade the atmosphere, while murdering the lives of anyone ahead, mankind struggles to grasp their destiny. Buildings are lurching into one another; galloping anything under it. Fire starts evolving: it was a scene of absolute demolition. In a matter of seconds, what was once indestructible, has now been destroyed. Solid rock concrete has turned into bits and pieces and being thrown away into the open air.

Windows are being mashed just like a toddler’s meal, chunks of dark, grey and dim looking material start bursting from the heart of the building as it is getting shattered. As buildings are torn down, all creatures race to safety: which was yet to be found. A short while later, all there is to be seen is nothing; the aftermath of mass devastation. Humongous amounts of explosions occur all at once.

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Swoosh A breathing atmosphere retains an aura of mystery In the Essay
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Unexpectedly, thick layers of ash have taken over the scene. Suddenly, the fresh blue sky harmonized into a fearful dark black sky: the winds start to form rapidly while fiercely directing pieces of destroyed metal out into the void.


In a world of chaotic destruction, a lifeless body lay before me rooting its way to its destiny. Auburn hair was scattered in multiple places stained with desiccated blood, light green eyes stare beneath me: wide open. Blood has diffused all over the corpse’s clothes, staining its luxury looking leather jacket. The body laid slumped over: deceased. The smell was more disturbing than anything beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. It reeked of rot, while scenting like animal puke. A lattice of red threads lay bare, deteriorated from remorseless deformation. Its nails have been extracted leaving, leaving only defiled flesh behind. Horrifically, its legs lay ruptured away from its body and were placed on the carcass’ stomach. All of a sudden, I notice hair constantly loosening from the head while turning it around,I witness a message that has been violently engraved on the skull, “No one shall escape”.

In the middle of nowhere, an unknown piece of iron which looked like it belonged to people who lived long ago was torn up mercilessly into a shadow of its former self. A sudden movement occurred. Sinking into the floor was the undefined sun which seems to be helpless against the dark clouds and the accelerated winds. Artwork of ancient times lay destroyed beneath our barefoot..

Lonely, a vicious wolf roaming around suddenly paused, she started staring at the unexpressed nature around her. The wolf looked very contaminated; she seamlessly and continuously roughs her hairy patterned fur. Her tottering movements correspondingly follows moans of pain. Her amber eyes suspiciously inspecting its surroundings for danger or scope to hunt. Having lost faith, it surrendered to its fate: it slowly rolled on its back which was filled with numerous scars. Her acute paws start gathering dust, as she unlatches her mouth to inhale her final breaths; her heart beats slowly, her eyes freeze, and her soul heavily rises up into the void. Moments later a blistering attack strikes to resolve her life. It started to rain, the wolf’s tiny mouth slowly opened as life coming from above revives her: she was as thirsty as someone who has never tasted the water.

In the minor distance, there stood a foretaken creature coated with fine black leather acting like a living dead. His non-chronological steps followed by his constant itching with his yellowish veiny long-nailed hand onto his head. Following a crowd of unheard of people into the valley of death, a metallic weapon appeared in his hand.


Panic-stricken, I close my eyes in horror as cannons appear right and left. Horror takes over as this was a no way out situation. Into the jaws of death, into the mouth of hell they take no step forward on the ground but steps towards death. One by one they were demolished, while cold-blooded mercy was unknown to them; they freely chop the heads around them. The bullets fired had ripped away parts of the bodies it has grasped. Blood was splattered everywhere like cheap, musty garbage. Awfully, body parts start hovering all over the scene, with each leg, hand or head taken off there is always a scream pleading for mercy that follows. Desperate attempts to flee the scene have occurred; there was no way out. It was raining blood, followed by the thunder of screaming voices. All day, all night, thoughts hover around: who did this? who is to blame? KABOOM! It was a never-ending series of mayhem. Nothing but death in deserted, dangerous destinations. I felt death, witnessed death and listened to death.

Like a violent animal, nature expresses its opinion by swaying and tossing everyone around its antipathetic sand that started forming into a contentious storm; galloping anything in its way, and fading away everyone into the bare.

Trees writhing and whacking, primitive cries of agony carried away by the wind. Pleading for forgiveness to the unknown. Rain battered the ground with an untraversable eruption of bullets. Infuriated black clouds raised up like an Anaconda readying itself for assault. The clouds let loose lightning pitilessly onto the forlorn scene below, which sliced through the sky like ignited poison. Screeches of pain, thronged with regret simultaneously occurring as the storm reached its climax. No one was left untouched, no one wasn’t hurt, no one was safe, everyone is burnt.

The armies of darkness all gather, and it is a sight to behold. As they march up the hill, overtaking me, I witness roaring thunder. Fuming lightning. Vicious movement. The everlasting darkness that devours all it meets; we fear it. Apprehension dominates the atmosphere; padding vehement vibes across its incapable sufferer. The armies of darkness do not fear. They do not falter. They do not stop. They are an army of solid rock. Promising pain to anyone who interferes; they won’t show mercy. They do not flee. Marching on with calm and chaos. They march on firmly in their duty, they march with the intention of complete destruction. Out of the valley of death, rose the souls of the 600… in the valley of death rested the bodies of the 600… silence.

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