Summary – The Frog and the Nightingale Essay

Once upon a time, there lived a frog in Bingle Bog, who croaked all night long from the foot of a sumac tree, in his loud and unpleasant voice. All the creatures hated his “singing” but endured it as they had no other option. He was so stubborn and shameless that nothing from stones to insults to prayers could stop him from singing. One night, a nightingale came to the tree and sang in such a beautiful, melodious voice, that it left the frog and all the other creatures dumbstruck.

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Summary – The Frog and the Nightingale Essay
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The whole bog applauded and cheered her on. The frog was immediately threatened by her. So the next night, the frog approached the nightingale and told her that he was the owner of the tree and well renowned for his splendid voice. He convinced her that she needed training to succeed, and offered her his guidance. The nightingale, impressed by his false stories, gratefully accepted.

So, the nightingale sang and was a huge sensation, attracting animals from miles away, and the frog charged them all for admission.

He soon began her “vocal training”, forcing her to sing for six hours continuously in bad weather, till her voice became hoarse. Yet somehow, her voice revived at night, and she continued to pull a great crowd to the tree. The frog watched this, happy at the money he was making, yet bitter with envy.

Every day, he scolded and rebuked her, finding faults with her singing and making her feel inferior. This made the nightingale grow unhappy and tired. She could no longer attract the crowds that she was used to, and thus, became more and more miserable. At this, the frog scolded her even more sharply and cruelly. She trembled, puffed up, burst a vein and died. The frog just said that she was too foolish and nervous, and easily influenced. So, once again the frog’s croaking filled the bog, unrivalled.

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