Summary of Wall-E Essay

The movie in summary portrays that earth is slowly dying due to the pollution that the human race produces each day but do not realise the side effects of this. However in this story, it begins where piles of trash were seen on the surface of earth and the human race were forced to leave for space as it is too difficult to survive and sustain in a place where there is no sign of survival at all. Thus, they created a robot which is capable to clear the trash by crushing it into cubes.

However as days go by, Wall-e was the only robot left as the others malfunction.

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Summary of Wall-E Essay
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While collecting trash and putting it into cubes, Wall-e found a small plant in the midst. Coincidentally, Eve, a robot shaped as an owl which functions to look for any signs of living plants was sent down to earth by the humans. Wall-e then fell in love with Eve and he finally brought Eve back to his storage house where he kept all the junks he found useful including the plant.

This is where Eve scan the plant and quickly put it inside of herself thus deactivating. It was then the spaceship from space was brought back to earth to bring Eve back to space so that she can report to the Captain of the spaceship, Captain B.

McCrea. Wall-e at that time also followed Eve out of love. Back on the spaceship, it was seen as people living there was obese and suffered from major and severed mass loss in bones as they were lazy and everything is automated by a machine. Eve and Wall-e then brought back the plant to be brought back to the captains attention where when a living plant species is found on earth it is then safe for the human race to fly back to earth and return to their normal lives again as there is now proof that there is sign of survival there.

However, the automated robot created chaos for the captain as it did not want the people to go back to earth believing that earth is still not safe for the people to go back. Thus causing Wall-e to malfunction as Wall-e was the keeper of the plant when they were fighting over it. However, in the end the captain gather all his courage and strength to put up a fight with the automated robot by switching its switch back to manual. Thus, all of the human race can now travel back to earth with a new promise at hand to protect the earth from pollution and trash.

Title Wall-E
Created by Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, Jim Reardon
Type Movie
Genre Dystopia, comedy
Release date 2008
Country US
Main Topic Dystopian future, fighting the environmental pollution
Setting Futuristic dystopian Earth
Main Characters Wall-E, Eve

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