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Group Assignment – norms and goals

March 5,2019

submitted by:

Gurkirat Singh c0743860

Akashdeep Singh Gill c0749045

Prabhjot Singh c0741924


Ethics are the guidelines of the life these play essential role to create efficient and effective life. There are lots of ethical issues that take place in individual life. One of them is happened with Nike , there are ethical issues of Nike happened in many countries like Pakistan, India, china ,Vietnam , Bangladesh . in Asian countries nke has its many organization .

and Nike has ben accused of being using child labor in those factories and discrimination among college players


The purpose for this report is show the ethical issues of Nike. In this report, we will talk about real incidents that was straightforwardly identified with child labor and discrimination among players. This taught me such a significant number of things which I am going to explain in Discussion and analysis. However, the things I am going to explain is directly related with ethical issues:

Child labor


Nike is one of the world best brands.

It has many manufacturing companies in the world . Nike have their own code of ethics and brand like THIs should have any issue if they want to go far because there are many competitors of Nike. Pakistan I largest manufacture of football, even the balls which are used in soccer worlds cup are manufactured in Pakistan . in 2018 it is founded that Nike is accused of using child labor in production of football. Child labor is illegal in Pakistan but in that country, there are many poor families so their children’s have to do labor. The Pakistan government in not paying any attention toward that. Some local companies are not following code of ethics of Nike . and Nike is responsible to look after those agencies.

Not only Pakistan but some Asian countries like in china ,Vietnam ,India , Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are not paying attention toward child labor issues . It seems like theses countries want to earn money . On another hand, workers have been exploited in companies which subcontracted with Nike. In Indonesia many girls are seen working in factories to give support to their families . In USA child slavery is banned and Nike is selling their products in use which is not supported by that government of America.


At high school games , the school , teachers and coaches are sponsored by Nike . Nike is paying them handsome amount of money but players in school or college games are not been sponsored by Nike . which shows discrimination toward players as players are not financed by them. Some players are from poor families they cannot afford sportswear but all coaches and school are sponsored . so, discrimination is the ethical issue caused by Nike.

Ethical issues

Child labor – children are exploited in many countries to work as labor and those are companies are subcontracted with Nike. Nike is just using them because it is the cheapest way to manufacture their products. The products which are shipped to big countries are commonly made by children

Discrimination – discrimination is being held by Nike to college or school students , they are not sponsored by Nike . every student love sport but however some students are not able to buy sports products but colleges and coaches are being sponsored .



Most of product exported from poor Asian countries are made by children they are in slaver to do labor. In age of going to school or enjoying their childhood they are doing work and on other hand behavior of Nike toward school players is racist , they are biased of not being sponsored.


We would like to say that unethical behavior that happen with individual or group of people cause lots of bias and affects person mentally or physically . we were miserable to see in age of enjoying they are working and students are discriminated. So, ethics are piece of life people cannot live a beer life without it . at last government should take action against who are not following code of ethics.

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