Summarize the general themes or summary of the chapter In summary Essay

1. Summarize the general themes or summary of the chapter. In summary, I come as a thief by Louis Auchincloss is about a successful business man Tony Lowder who is a son, husband, father, son-in-law and business partner who has a promising career as an up and coming leader destined for a political future; that is until he makes a deal with the mob for a payout due to some unsuccessful business investment that have become immediately due.While Tony makes a decision to make a deal with the mob by overlooking a folder on his desk that would substantiate that a mob family is corrupt.

It is the quiet desperation of what Tony has cited as a dull life because he exhibits the same script over and over again, notwithstanding the resistance to the flow of success. Because of his desire to be successful, Tony does not understand the capacity to distance himself from the pressures of everyday life and exemplifies what we have studied earlier.

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Summarize the general themes or summary of the chapter In summary Essay
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Do I Have a Good Dream? A Sound Moral Code, a set of Great Role Models? (Badaracco, J.L. 2006). 2. What are 6 to 8 discussion questions which address core issues of the chapter? (With each discussion question, you should provide an answer with page numbers cited.) 2.1 How can one remain balanced in this world or money and power?Pg. 121 – 122 ” In this story, the author speaks of valuable ways for leaders to resist the flow of success while also allowing oneself to live and think for themselves and further identifies an example, by keeping a healthy distance from the pressures and money/power seductions that are plentiful in our society. He also notes that one should be strong enough to turn away from power and work hard to understand what true matters in your life. 2.2 What two questions are noted about Tony’s decision?Pg. 123 – 124 The decisions made by Tony correlate with the hazards of success; why would he risk it all as his had other viable options from borrowing the money to reduce their debt by selling one of the investments paying the margin debt and accepting some loss. It all summed up to him taking a RISK which is what he came to know in the investment business. Secondly, Tony thought he had the plan worked out in his head not understanding that he was in the flow of success without realization of the consequences associated with his decision. 2.3 Are there individuals who follow the same path as Tony (living a script life?)Pg. 125 – 126 According to Lee, Tony’s spouse, he was good at quoting clich©s and following a social script. Often times, I have encountered individuals who make an attempt to duplicate someone they admire or are destined to be like and piggy-back off their actions or words. Over time, it may get you far and even successful, but how real are you being to yourself if you ignored other areas of your life to get there. Here again, we come back to what the author has said about keeping a healthy distance and turning away from power and work hard to understand what true matters in your life. This also correlate with our chapter reader about making ethical decisions based on moral character. 2.4 Can one become inundated with keeping busy and falsely feel that it is success? Pg. 126 The author stated how Tony stayed busy but often times had to juggle many different tasks/responsibilities, i.e. his calendar was filled with meetings, urgent phone calls need returning etc. While successful at performing all these duties, Tony knew that something was missing from his life and identified by the author as a steady eroding autonomy. Has anyone ever experienced this? I know I have. 2.5 Tony’s crime was called a self-administered shock treatment, why?Pg. 127 ” An effective leader must see or discover his own strengths. Tony was on an emotional rollercoaster as a husband, father, great son, and working at being successful, that he became dead inside. He essentially was spiraling out by going through the motions of managing on autopilot and the idea of doing something new and different intrigued him, but also awakens him to feel alive, although this clearly was the act of a crime that causes one to question his character. 2.6 What is Tony’s immediate social world doing for him and to him?Pg. 131 -132 If Tony’s first obligation was to reexamine his life and pay attention to his surroundings and his universe per the author, he could have made changes and took charge of his and identified his moral and emotional barriers. It is not until he commits the crime and go to trail doe Tony understand that he could have handled this differently, and one initial way was letting those close by him in. 3.What are practical applications or “take-aways” from the chapter? The practical take-away from this story reminds me to always stay grounded like I am now, because I refuse to duplicate someone else’s life. I was never a club person and pretty much stayed closed to home and family and at one time was somewhat of an workaholic. Now don’t get me wrong I vacation and travel, entertain at home and visit others, some charity work, but right now my time and attention is work, church and paving my way through two classes at HBU. I have witnessed many different scenarios at work and others work ethics, the highs and the lows and I am sure this is why I have chosen the path I am currently on. I have experienced being passed up on promotions because I would not join the clicks or marched unethically to their drum, but the resistance of it all has kept me grounded and I am at peace with all decisions I have made in the last 15 years. We must all choose our paths and what makes us happy.

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