Successful Learning Agility

What do we need to be successful (Learning Agility) text?

I know the future not any more than an early morning bird. However, I keep on dreaming, fighting and commanding my success. I believe that the experiences of today will keep me in the winning track. That is learning agility. Nothing can stand in my way when I desire to transform every situation to the end of future success. The hurdles, discontinuity and failures shall not hold me back. I know it is possible to learn from past mistakes, experiences and achievements. The door to success is inevitable and unclosed.

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Successful Learning Agility
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Living in a VUCA World

They say it is inevitable to flip and read VUCA. I have heard that a strategic leader to master VUCA, but I surely keep on wondering how to manage through. I see the world becoming more complicated due to technological disruption. There is volatility as the job outlook is undergoing a rapid revolution. There is also ambiguity as the social systems that held people together turns chaotic. I also feel the future is more complicated as new ideas, forces and values emerge. I honestly do not know how to face the future but is confident it shall all be well.

Successful Learning Agility 1

Mental Models

To be certain, we are a product of assumptions, biases and perspectives. It should be that the superior path is overcoming the effects of the variables. If not well managed, they are undesirable for anyone at all as they skew talent, and crowd’s objectivity and correct judgment. I believe in avoiding the aberrant effect of biases and past experiences, and I should make a decision based on the ladder of inference. The ladder, of course, helps in avoiding personal influences as much as possible. It is the right pathway to avoiding mind traps that clog good judgment.


Learning agility helps fight ambiguity in society. On the other hand, learning mental models will help master how to resolve complex issues with clarity. It is a clarity that also manifests with a strong understanding and avoidance of mind traps. Avoiding assumptions and biases is also very important for developing an understanding which helps meet uncertainty with confidence. Learning agility helps build a formidable vision. There is no doubt that a correct vision is crucial to surviving in a complex, volatile society. Vision enables a person to face rapid changes in a VUCA world without fear.l

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