Studying Body Language: Flirting Essay

More than we realize, our body language speaks more of what we think and feel than a spoken word reveals. The way we sit, stand, smile, and gaze all give off a different gesture. According to Tracy Cox (n. d. ), author of the article “18 Body Language Clues That Say He’s Interested – Definitely”, “Women choose from no less than 52 moves to show men they’re interested. The average man chooses from a maximum of 10 to attract a female. ”(p. 2) So what does he do to let you know he’s interested? How should you react to let him know you are willing to give him a shot?

Journey with me into the body language of the dating world to find these answers.

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Studying Body Language: Flirting Essay
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Take a look back at your last first date. How was he sitting? Did he sit on the edge of his seat, were his toes pointed toward one another, did he sit on his hands, did he shift his chair and tap his fingers? All of these simple subconscious movements suggest if he likes or dislikes you.

If he sits on the edge of his seat, or crosses his legs with the crossed leg pointing towards you, that gestures that is interested in what you have to say. (Cox, n. d. , p. )

An article authored by the Cosmopolitan (2009) tells us that if he is sitting, or even standing, with his toes pointed towards each other, this usually implies that he is not sure if the feeling is mutual. (para. 3) When a man sits on his hands while talking with you, this means he is trying to control what he wants to say. He is trying to impress you and wants to make sure he says the right thing at the right time. (Cosmopolitan, 2009, para. 8) If he periodically shifts his chair or taps his fingers, Cosmopolitan (2009) tells us that this could mean that he is just plain nervous.

But if this is done while he is trying to explain things about himself, it may indicate that he is lying to you. (para. 14) Guys read into body language much differently than women do. Women have to be careful what signs they put off so as to not let the man think that all she has is a sexual attraction. When sitting at the dinner table during a date keep in mind what each of these movement might mean to a guy.

Eve Marx, author of the article “6 Body Language Clues That Say You’re Interested. , tells us that sitting with your arms crossed may not only tell a man that you wish he would leave, but that you are insecure and need protection. Not only does it give off these signs, but if a woman is not careful she may attract unwanted attention to her chest, giving the man an “acknowledgement of the basic Me Tarzan, You Jane chemistry” (n. d. , p. 2) When leaning toward him you are showing him that you are genuinely interested and accept who he is. But try your best not lean in to much or you will be giving yourself away.

If you find yourself leaning in to close pull yourself back and hold your hands in your lap for a minute or two giving yourself time to recover. (Marx, n. d. , p. 2) Crossing your legs when sitting, and pointing the top leg towards him as you are conversing gestures that you are really attracted to him. But if you are almost fidgeting, constantly crossing and uncrossing your legs, this gives him the impression that you are anxious and he is unsettling you. (Marx, n. d. , p. 3) More than just how you position yourself when sitting, facial features are a dead give away to what you are really feeling.

If when a man first spots you and gives you what Cox (n. d. ) calls an “eyebrow flash”, his tells us that he is instantly interested. Cox (n. d. ) tells us that “Lifting your eyebrows pulls the eye’s open and allows more light to reflect off the surface, making them look bright, large, and inviting. ” Along with the “eyebrow flash”, he may open his mouth slightly, another sign that he is attracted. Adding in another feature, the nose flare, seals the deal of his total attraction to you, and should really tell you that he is genuinely interested in what he sees. (p. )

After the first impression, when you begin to chit-chat, he may raise his eyebrows and hold them in that position showing that he finds you fascinating and very interesting. (Cox, n. d. , p. 3) During your conversation if he looks at you with his head cocked to the side, Cosmopolitan (2009) tells us that this is a sheer sign that he has feelings for you and that it’s okay to go in and “seal the deal” (para. 6) Although we may not realize what our faces are doing, men can see and interpret what we are thinking sometimes even before we realize that we are thinking it. Eye contact is the first thing they notice.

If you stare into a mans eyes with deep concentration, you are telling him that you think he is “the most fascinating person in the room” (Marx, n. d. , p. 2) Not only do the guys flare the nostrils, but they find that we do the same along with licking our lips. This assures the man that you are interested and fully attracted to him and that he has a high chance of getting to know you deeper. (Marx, n. d. , p. 3) To top of the stares and facial expressions, if during the conversation you begin to twirl your hair this tells the guy that either you are nervous, or want him to notice you more.

But be careful, some men find in unattractive when women play with their hair too much and you don’t want to send him the wrong message, do you? (Marx, n. d. , p. 3) Although there are multiple amounts of other body language signals, these are some of the basics that show us how much more communication our body does before words even have the chance to come out of our mouths. Body language is important, and although we may be able to control and force some movements, ultimately our body speaks for itself. Telling others things that we may be feeling before we even realize it on our own.

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