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Study planCurrently, I am working as a Head of the Marketing Department in Goyo LLC, Tavan Bogd Group. For the last two seasons, I’ve done many job interviews with younger people who have graduated from universities in developed countries, such as UK, Australia, China, Singapore, and Taiwan. During those interviews, as a Head of the Marketing Department, I’ve employed the best of the best but also realized my current education background and competency might be challenged in the future as the younger generation is constantly educating themselves in more higher education institutions all over the world.

Therefore, I started educating and improving myself little by little. Despite my rich working experience, my typical education background might be an obstacle for my future career ahead. This is the reason behind my decision to study in a more higher education institution in Taiwan.The reasons why I chose Taiwan are listed below:1. Taiwan provides many different types of scholarships to international students for their bachelor, master and Ph.

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study plan Essay
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D. degree English-taught programs. With one hundred percentage English taught programs, Taiwan has attracted students from all over the world, creating an amazing global environment and intriguing me to come and study.2. The tuition fee of the Taiwanese universities is rather low, compared to other developed countries.3. The universities offer strong academic programs. The high quality of the country’s academic resources, rich and amazing cultural environment, and strong future job prospects are enough reasons to say Taiwan has something to offer every international student.I have acquired two professions. I graduated from the National University of Mongolia as a International Journalist in 2009 and also from the Business Administration program at the University of the Humanities in 2016. These two professions match perfectly when working in the Business industry. For the last ten years, I’ve been working in Corporate Communication, Marketing and Public Relations and have worked at five different companies, managing the company’s social media channels and websites, planning and executing the communications calendar, promotional activities, managing budgets and marketing teams, and closely cooperating with Sales and Service teams etc. In order to accomplish these tasks in a higher and more professional level, this master program will be of great support. IMBA program gives the opportunity to be networked, improves soft skills, helps in overall personality growth and also more openings are available for IMBA candidates than for the non-IMBAs. Furthermore, a good IMBA program develops global leaders. To be engaged in high-level business management has always been my professional objective. In addition, I am deeply fascinated by your IMBA program’s competitive and international character. I will pursue my Master Degree in International Business at National Dong Hwa University. Throughout the 2 years of Master Degree program, my study and research will be focused on International Strategic Management. I think the economic, social, political, and institutional environment of countries context molds the country’s objectives, defines the country’s strategy, programs and policies for achieving objectives, and significantly impacts companies.I believe National Dong Hwa University`s IMBA equips me to educate about aspects of global institutions, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), which set global rules that profoundly affect business strategy and human welfare and I hope this program will bring me plenty of opportunities to build my own professional network. Studying alongside my IMBA colleagues who have different professional backgrounds will also broaden my perspective and provide me with a close support network that will extend beyond graduation.First Year (2019-2020):I would like to mainly put the effort of my first year on studying core courses and teaching. But since it’s also my first time in Taiwan, I would like to get to know to the country, the economy, marketing, and business industries. Taiwan has developed enormously in just a hundred years; I would like to know more about this rapid development and get to know to Taiwanese people. Because I believe the people and their potential are the true resources of a country. If I want to educate myself in a developed country, I shall not only focus on my studies at school but also put equal importance on studies about the country, which will be useful for me to do my graduate research.Second Year (2020-2021):At the beginning of this year, I will finish my graduate research. After that, I will focus on my graduate dissertation and degree defense. Taking advantage of invaluable knowledge from the first year, advanced theories in International Business Management and almost ten years of experience in business sector, I would choose to do research in effective communication strategies for interpersonal encounters or international business environment and global strategy. After graduation:Mongolia has a lot of local products that can be exported, for instance, beauty products like Lhamour and Goo, and so-called soft-gold products which are Gobi and Goyo Cashmere etc. After graduation, I will work profoundly, with the help of my higher education and rich experience, to introduce these high-quality local products to the overseas market and help these brands expand further. I’m willing to work in my own country and contribute to its’ economy as much as possible and I hope this program will be of great assistance.In conclusion, I want to progress in my current role, move into senior management, therefore IMBA is a decisive step in my career. I am an individual with my own career aspirations and goals. I want to compete effectively in the global marketplace. Master Program will support me in developing my career plan by providing high-quality teaching modules. My career plan is to hold a Vice President position in Mongolian big companies. By boosting the administrative skills of the administration employees and developing correct strategy and management, I wish to contribute to future developments of the company and make it one of the most renowned companies in the world.

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