Students who are slow learners Essay

As a teacher, I believe that slow learners should not be taken for granted and instead they should be given more attention in order to help them learn (Pagewise 2002). As a way to help these students learn and cope with the lessons, I will first position their seats by letting them seat in front rows so that they can be more focus on the lecture. I believe that once the student is in focus, learning of ideas will be faster.

I will ask the class for any questions after I discussed a topic to ensure that they understand the lesson very well.

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Students who are slow learners Essay
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I will also give them consultation hours so that they can consult me regarding the topics that they do not understand. Through this, I can ensure that all of my students will be on the same phase and nobody is left behind.

Students who are considered fast learners are those who get bored easily in class due to the reason that they already know the topic (Pagewise 2002).

To address the situation, I may have the option to pursue them to take advance studies by accelerating their grade/year levels so that they can be with people who has the same academic abilities as what they have. For example, if a student is currently a 6th grader but his/her IQ is that of a 7th grader, then I can writer a request to the school administration to accelerate the child to 7th grade so that appropriate teaching strategy can be applied to the student for a more effective learning. Another option would be to give the student activities or task to keep him/her occupied during the class.

Teaching is one of the best experiences that I can have as a person. By being a teacher, I am able not only to take part in honing young generation’s future but also I am able to learn more and develop myself through the various experiences that I undergo. For me, teaching is not only about knowing people and guiding them but it is also a way of having fun and enjoying the things that I have.

Being a teacher is something worth to be proud of. I know that as a teacher I am willing to plan my own classroom management procedures to make my teaching strategy more efficient and worthwhile for my students. In the end, I believe that even though an effective classroom management plan is vital, its effectiveness still depends on both the students and the teacher.

My plans may be good enough but it will still depend on the kind of the students that I will meet. For that, I will try my best to be more flexible as I can to address the various situations that might happen along the way and be a more effective teacher.

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