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Solution to Problem and Advantages







It is evidence that international trade and investment has both positive and negative impacts to participating nations. To human rights to be specific trade and investment have resulted to sustainable, inclusive and sustainable development outcome something that is worth cherishing. However the establishment of human rights have for a long time overlapped the roles in trade possibly because of how the policies and regulations which affects the capacity of trade to fulfil the requirements of human rights. With the increasing trend in globalization trade and investment agreement have been modified with more provisions that are aimed at improving the protections provided to the human rights and in return improve the labour standards. While a significant trade and investments recommends that individual country-state are responsible for both local and foreign trade players within their geographical borders, private players have endured significant blame and thus have had a direct responsibility towards any activity that tends to undermine human right requirements (Petersmann, 2000).

Thesis Statement

It has been the traditional norm of international trade treaties to limit the concerns only to the issues related to forced labour or slavery as a means of addressing human rights issues. Even with this address the actual implementation of this policies has been a real problem for most countries specially developing nations. For developed nations like the United States it high time that it should stand out and set the pace for other nations to pursue in terms of aligning trade and investment policies with the requirements of human rights. Among other prevalent policies the nation can pursue is prohibiting trade with states that have had a poor run of human rights laws in there trade and investment deals. To be specific sanctions should be maintained for nations that does not prevent or protect child and forced labour or fails to promote freedom of people that are in line with the values that the United States considers as basic (Roth, 2004).

Solution to Violation of Human Rights in International Trade and Investment

The United States needs to find solution to nations that have a tendency of violating human rights in their trade and investments activities. Being a developed nation and among the most powerful nations in the world, it needs to use the global influence it enjoys to reduce violation of human rights that are dominant in modern trades and investments. Trade agreements and policies have been established by nations across the world to have an impact to product consumers, workers, the poor population and residents of a country.

Based on the level of influence the United State enjoys across the globe the immediate solution the nation can implement to curb this concern is to establish and recognize human rights as the principal condition for entering into international trade. This can be made possible by making it a requirement that trading nations to sign the existing human right policies and agreements. Under this strategy individual nations have the primary role of ensuring that national regulations and laws developed and aimed at protecting human rights and that firms both local and foreign as long as they are within their geographical boarder in any way violate the outlined rights are banned from trading and are prosecuted as well (Roth, 2004). On extreme violations, the United States may completely ban such nations that commit serious human rights violations.

In any trade contracts and agreements nations need to prioritize human rights over economic interest. The existence of bans and sanctions will ensure that nations that have had poor record in upholding human rights requirements have an opportunity of remain within the international community requirements rather than facing the subsequent impacts following violations of human rights.

Advantages of Implementing the Solution

The prioritization of human rights in international trade will ensure that the value of life as well as the well-being of human life is uphold in trade and investment. Violations of human rights is a serious crime that devalues the true value of human rights. For powerful nations like the United States that have significance influence in global trade arena, the country should pursue the above-mentioned solution to enhance the values of life to its citizens participating both local and at global levels. Also, by implementing the trade ban and subsequent signing of treaties for nations willing conform with the global requirement of human rights, human labour would justly earn for their participation in trade (Ratner, Abrams, & Bischoff, 2009).

The other advantage of the implementing the conformity strategy with agreement of human right policies and regulations is that it will ensure equality in terms of income and wealth distribution. Slaves are paid poorly for services they provide. The actual contribution in trade surpasses what they are actually compensated. Recognition of human rights will ensure that labourer in are compensated well and thus the income and wealth discrepancy is significantly reduced. This will in turn improve their standards of living and their families (Steiner, Alston, & Goodman, 2008).

Nations that tends to uphold human rights enjoys significant support from its people. It is from such support that nations regain global influence. Democracy is attained when the rights of people are supported more than the economic interest. Thus as nation, the United States stands to benefit following the endorsement of human rights as a basic requirement for participation international trade. Such influences comes along way significant political and economic benefits.


The analysis of this paper recognizes that trade and investment comes with both positive and negative impacts. Violation of human rights have been a concern that have regain significance international attention in trade and investment. The United States needs to use the global influence and power it has to counter this global concern and regain back sanctity in global trade and uphold the value of life.

Violation of human rights in international trade comes in many form but the most common is the child labour or forced labour. This devalues the true meaning of life as well as widening the gap of income and income distribution. Thus serious solutions like trade sanctions, bans to nations with poor human right records and compulsory signing of treaties of upholding such right will significantly reduce this concern and thus the United States neds to pursue.


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