Strategies to use in increasing fluency for these books

create a 1-2 page Reading Guide/Common Core Guide. This will create a resource for your classroom, or that of colleagues, of books and strategies to use in increasing fluency for these books that can be utilized at all levels of reader within a classroom. You can use any format, but to give you an idea, think of a table or table of contents


•  Include a minimum of 5 types of books (i.e. picture books, fantasy, etc) to utilize, and at least one option for students with lower lexile/reading levels and/or higher.

•  Include at least 2 strategies discussed in this course and how they will help increase fluency in beginner and/or emergent readers.

•  Include what the topic(s)/unit you will be covering with the use of these books, why you chose these books, if these books may substitute for items already utilized in your classroom (if applicable) and how many of your selections are to aid the struggling reader.


  1. here are links to some examples to help get you started
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