Strategic Risks

From the below link, select two categories for this discussion.  You will note the tabs at the top of the online site as these are the categories (e.g., Attractions & Events, City Government, etc.)

For the categories you have selected, discern at least two strategic risks for each category. Develop a value map for one category.


25% on identification and explanation of the strategic risks you selected.  You will work with two risk categories your selected.  (main post).

30% on the application of tools: value map, and selected tool. You must apply a value map and another tool to your selected categories. (main post)

15% on the development of strategic risks with explanation (response post)

10% on the use of research

20% on good collegiate level writing and application of APA format.  (Note: for the discussion, the only required APA format will be with citations.)

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