Statistics: Data analysis

This assignment requires you to analyse a given data set, draw conclusions from your analysis, and convey your conclusions in written form to a person with a very modest knowledge of statistics. You are also required to use some of the capabilities of SPSS for statistical analysis.
The assignment should be completed and submitted as a group assignment unless permission to submit an individual assignment has been received from your lecturer.

The number of students in each group should be no greater than three. Your group should meet to discuss fully the analysis required and should also review the memorandum before submitting.
Submit one printed copy onlyper group for marking.
Details of all members of the group must be included on the assignment cover sheet attached to the assignment. All members of the group will be allocated the same mark for the assignment. It is up to each group to ensure all members do the same amount of work in contributing to the assignment.
Before attempting the assignment read the section ‘Assignment Details’ given in the Unit Outline.
The assignment uses an Excel file called Conrobar. Your lecturer/tutor will advise you on how to download the database. The data can be readily analysed using SPSS.
When you retrieve the Conrobar datafile for the assignment you are advised to immediately save it under another name, for example, Assgn1.xls. It is important to save your files often, (e.g. every 5 minutes), so that important work is not lost in the event of a computer malfunction.
Assignment Details
Charlie McArthy, Vice President of Planning and Development, has asked you,
Candice Bergen , Manager of Research and Analysis, and your team to analyse some data obtained from a survey of Conrobar employees.
The memo from Charlie McArthy is reproduced on page 4 of this document.
You are required to respond to Charlie’s memorandum answering all of his questions.
This is to be done by:
Preparing a data analysis document using SPSS.
Writing a memorandum in reply.
Task 1: Data analysis (10 marks)
You will need to examine and analyse the database thoroughly in order to prepare your answers to Charlie’s questions. To complete the analysis, you will need to do at least some of the following where appropriate:

• Examine summary measures
• Develop frequency tables and histograms
• Develop contingency tables (cross tabs)
• Produce box plots including multiple box plots where applicable
• Produce scatter graphs
Scatter graphs allow you to examine for possible relationships between two quantitative (numeric) variables.
Contingency tables (cross tabs) allow you to examine for possible relationships between two qualitative variables. For contingency tables involving quantitative variables, you will need to create the classes.
You will need to use the transform/recode feature in SPSS.

Include headings in your analysis in order that your lecturer can follow your work

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