STATEMENT OF PURPOSEMy Introduction I’m delighted to introduce Essay


My Introduction:

I’m delighted to introduce myself as Jyothsna Swaroop born and bought up in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from GokaRaju RangaRaju Institute of Engineering Technology affiliated to JNTU Hyderabad. During the final year of graduation, I got an opportunity as (Write your designation) in Global Data in Campus job Selections. So from there on, I moved into IT sector and performed various IT roles like (write all your designations here).

To compliment my IT experience with International Masters, I’m planning to do (Course Name) in ECU, Perth. I have briefly summarized about My Family Back Ground, Education, Work Experience and intent to apply for (course name).

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSEMy Introduction I’m delighted to introduce Essay
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My Family Back Ground:

I was Born to Jyothi Swaroop and Prabavathi. I belong to a nuclear family of four members which includes my parents, me and my younger brother. My father owns Automotive Service Centre, while my mother is a housemaker and my brother works as a VLSI designer.

We all live in Hyderabad.

My Education:

I have completed my 10th standard in March 2004 from St’ Alphonsa’s High School, Hyderabad with (%). After my 10th I have chosen M.P.C(Maths. Physics. Chemistry) program in +2(intermediate) for two years and completed from June 2004 to March 2006 from Narayana Junior Collage S.R Nagar with ( %). Coming to my bachelor’s program, I have chosen Bachelors in Biotechnology from GokaRaju RangaRaju Instititute of Technology affiliated to JNTU from June 2006 to April 2010 with an aggregate of %.

My Experience.

I started my career as (designation) in Global Data in 2010. (Extend what you did here).

Reasons to choose Australia over India and other Countries:

Over India:

Keeping my goal and target in my mind, ECU, Perth seems to be the excellent and brilliant place for carrying my career ahead to its peak as doing a qualification at an international level will carry more weight-age.

There is no denying that there are many institutions available in my country such as NIT’s, IIT’s and Private collages. Firstly, one has to clear the entrance exams which are quite tough job due to the limited number of seats in such institutions.

Moreover, in India reservation system is followed for admissions so that’s why my chances of getting admission were quite low. Secondly, the course curriculum is quite different from the curriculum of Australian colleges and universities. Moreover, In Australia, the approach of teaching is practical along with the use of latest techniques and updated syllabus which make the student industry ready and this increase the chances of a fresh graduate to be a part of one of the leading organizations of the world. Even the modes of delivering education are well furnished as the latest technologies are being used to impart education to the students such as smart-classes equipped with projectors or other audio-visual aids and so on.

Moreover while studying in my home country I cannot get the benefits which can be gained while studying abroad such as the international exposure which would add an extra weightage to my resume to get good jobs in future. Secondly, by studying in an English speaking country I can learn the native English accent. Last but not the least, the value and recognition of an international degree due to the latest business techniques and understanding of the advanced economy are always higher than a local degree especially in one of the most emerging markets like India today. Hence internationally qualified candidates are always preferred comparatively. Due to all these merits of overseas education, I have decided to have an international Master degree rather a domestic one.

Over other countries:

When I have decided for International education, the first and foremost thing which tingled my mind to lean towards Australia is its culture and values. I found Australia is one of the best destinations for further education. Australia is a good country for education. It has almost all well ranked universities in the world and they give the best education with competitive edge. Australian studies are recognised worldwide and have reputation for higher education. Australian Studies are monitored under CRICOS and ESOS bodies which are under Government of Australia with Affordable fee Structure and adjustable Indian climatic conditions.

At the same time, before choosing Australia I did a research on other countries like USA / Canada / U.K. USA studies are also globally recognised but to get admission from good universities need to have GRE/TOFEL score. More over USA is not safe for International students and crime rate is very high. My parents are not interested to send me to USA because of frequent firing in public areas and Universities. Most of our employers and universities are not considering U.K degrees and U.K studies and Living cost is very high. Canada is very cold country and high entry requirements to Master’s Degree.

Australia is the only country which has implemented some educational acts which reserves the rights of international students. The act is known as “ESOS- Education Services for International Students” which gives the international students the rights to information about course offered, subjects, actual fee structure, and method of delivery of the course by the institution. It also gives the right to students to have a written agreement with the institutions which states all the terms and conditions to be followed by both the student and the course provider.

The best thing about this act is its tuition fee protection policy which ensures the investment of an international student is safe. It will not be wasted if in case the institution is unable to provide the course to the student and it has to arrange a replacement for the student or has to refund the tuition fee. I could not find such policies in other countries.

Why Edith Cowan University:

Edith Cowan University (ECU) is an Australian public university located in Perth, Western Australia. It was named after the first woman to be elected to an Australian Parliament, Edith Cowan, and is the only Australian university named after a woman.

It is Australia’s top public university for teaching quality and one of the best for student experience. The course is designed to impart below skills during the master’s

? Apply advanced cognitive and technical skills to analyse complex concepts and scenarios within authentic computer science/ICT tasks and assessments.

? Apply communication and/or collaboration skills in the design of sophisticated solutions to computer science/ICT focused tasks and assessments.

? Reflect critically on a complex body of computer science/ICT knowledge, research principles and methods to demonstrate mastery of professional practice.

? Use high level self-management skills to initiate, plan and execute a substantial computer science/ICT focused project.

Also, one of the world’s best young universities (Source: Times Higher Education 2018 Young University rankings), with almost 6,000 international students chosen to study in Perth.

Perth is a vibrant, sophisticated and safe city that’s regularly rated in the top 10 in the world for liveability (Source: The Economist’s annual liveability survey).

More recently, Perth has been rated the world’s #2 city for friendliness (Source: Conde Nast Friendliest Cities in the World 2017).

Perth’s weather is arguably the best in Australia and resembles climate conditions like India. Time zone of Perth is just 2 ? hours difference from India.

Why Masters of Information Technology:


Finally, I declare that I will value Australia ethics and abide by rules and regulations as an international student and abide by all the conditions imposed to a student visa holder. My purpose to visit Australia is to get the best education available which will help me later getting a good job in my home country. I have been through the visa conditions which I would need to full fill under the visa subclass 500 are:

• I will have to maintain 85% of attendance at my university.

• I will have to inform the course provider about my contact details within seven days of my arrival in Australia or any further changes in the same in future.

• I will have to maintain my OSHC till the validity of my visa.

• I shall not work more than 40 hours fortnightly.

• I have to abide by all the rules and regulations of the university as well as the country.

• I will have to leave the country before the expiry of my visa.

Final Words:

I am an ambitious person and want to achieve the maximum in life so that I can become a successful person. I want to have good status and position in society and all these things are possible if I get this chance of pursuing my further studies in Australia. I would consider myself lucky if I am given an opportunity to pursue my further education in a peaceful and safe country like Australia. I am confident that education from Australia will provide invaluable experiences and an excellent opportunity to achieve my career goals.


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