STATEMENT OF PURPOSEIs BNY Mellon an investment firm or an Essay


Is BNY Mellon an investment firm or an analytics firm? Is Google merely a search engine or is it much more? I pondered over these questions 5 years ago. We are entering an age where economies will be driven by data, business plans will be outdated faster than smart phone repairers and market research will no longer be an instrument for prototype and user testing. The smartest minds of our generation shouldn’t be striving for pseudo celebrities brimming with bogus likes on Facebook or toiling away raising the virtual Twitter followers of star-struck wannabes while instead they can actually transform the lives of real people with Analysis & Data.

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSEIs BNY Mellon an investment firm or an Essay
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After the completion of my Diploma with first class, I received admission directly in the second year of engineering and completed my Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication in the year 2011 with distinction from the University of Pune. Electronics and Telecommunication engineering requires high level of Analytical and Mathematical skills. Right from school, I maintained my academic record and have secured Distinction grade in all my certificates.

After completion of my engineering studies, I started working at Inautix Technologies, a Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) company. I worked in Information Systems, Performance Analysis, Automation Analysis and Project handling for 5 years. The work which I did in these 5 years is congruous to my course in George Brown.

Although my academic parameters indicate technical acuity in core engineering, what really defines me is the thirst to dissect and decipher business problems through Data analysis and report generation. My work in Inautix technologies consisted of report and performance development as per client requirement. Preparing matrix reports against all stake holders to check their impact on the performance deficiencies and extensive data analysis through various data stores and data integration through Extraction Transformation Load tools (ETL) was also my field of expertise. The Information systems and Business Analysis program at George Brown College focuses mainly on the Business Analysis, Analytical Systems, the tools that are required for Business Analysis, User Interface, and Information Systems. All these subjects will be complimentary to my rich and relevant 5 year experience in end-to-end project handling in Information Systems and Performance Analysis.

The program will also give me the much needed international exposure. Upon successful completion of the program, I will receive a second credential – the IIBA® Academic Diploma. This diploma is internationally recognized and it will help me boost my career as an Analyst. The International Institute of Business Analysts is very well recognized in India and with their credential in hand I will certainly get a push towards a better career in the Indian job market.

Few of the reasons for the refusal of my study visa were a discrepancy in qualifications, previous studies, academic record, employment and language abilities. I have tried my best to address all the concerns and have demonstrated that my situation meets all the requirements. To strengthen my statements, I have attached the support letter given by the college along with my application. In the letter, the college has commented positively on my qualifications, previous studies, employment, language abilities and future prospects after the completion of the program.

An education loan from Bank of Maharashtra and the transfer of funds for GIC at Nova Scotia will support me to pay for my course and yearly expenses. I have paid for the GIC from my own salary and I have also attached the financial assets statement for me and my parents which shows that I have more than sufficient funds for the completion of my program. I come from a financially stable background and have attached a certificate of our savings in government securities along with this application. All of my family members are currently earning and are not financially dependent on anyone.

The course which I have registered for is unique and has a lot of potential to grow in India. Such types of courses have still not been introduced in India. Canada, being well known for quality education and high standard of living, was my primary choice. Toronto is the financial power hub of Canada and has immense potential to give me a first class experience. I am sure that the city will teach me many other things through different challenges and I am very well ready for those. I bring along a strong grasp for analytical skills and leadership qualities. To develop the required skillset from the Canadian education and to be a successful analyst will be my primary goal. I highly support the Make in India initiative taken up by the government and I wish to take full advantage of that scheme and start my own business few years down the line, after carefully studying and experiencing the Indian job market. More companies are setting up business in India and creating tremendous opportunities in the field of Information Systems. Information systems and Business Analysis are a defining factor for any company and I am sure that I will be ready to showcase my talent when the time comes. I really hope you support me in my cause and give my application a sincere consideration.

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