Stardust: Movie Analysis Essay

The director uses shots and angle to make the movie more divert. It makes the movie have emotion and thrill. In the movie Stardust Matthew Vaughn uses shots and angles to show emotion, excitement and power in his scenes. He uses a lot of low-angle shots to make the character look powerful, he also uses a lot of medium close-ups to show the expression of the character’s face but at the same time you can also see a bit of their upper shoulders, and he also uses a lot more of extreme long shot to show the different settings from Stormhold to the city of Wall.

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Stardust: Movie Analysis Essay
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An example of when the director uses a low-angle shot to make the character look less powerful is when Tristan is standing outside Victoria’s house throwing a rocks at her window waiting for her to come out while Humphrey comes and throws him on the ground and points his sword at him, when Tristan is on the ground and Humphrey is putting on foot on top of him the director does a low-angle shot and makes Humphrey look powerful and makes Tristan look less powerful.

An example of a medium close-up shot that the director uses to show the expression of the the character’s face including the upper shoulders that gives you a bit of an idea of what the character is doing. In this movie the director decided to use a medium close-up shot when Yvaine comes out of the shower and Tristan asks her if everything she said when he was turned into a rat was true then they kiss and the director does a medium-close up shot to show emotion and perception in this scene, the medium close-up shot is needed in this scene to make it have some charm.

An example of a extreme long-shot is when the star (Yvaine) is traveling in the sky right before she is about to fall into the ditch, we as the audience feel like we are traveling with her during this scene. The director uses the extreme long-shot to show us where she is going,the setting of the place and where she is about to land. Matthew Vaughn uses this to emphasize the setting and it makes you feel like you are in the scene as well.

The director uses a variety of shots and angles in this movie to make it an absorbing feeling, that makes the movie more amusing and sometimes even more suspenseful. Without sound, shots and angles a movie wouldn’t be a good hit or it wouldn’t even be considered a movie because without these things you can barely tell the theme and the feeling of the story, The different types of angles and shots are the extreme long-shot, the full-shot, the medium shot, the medium close-up shot, the extreme close-up shot, the low-angle shot and the high-angle shot, Matthew Vaughn uses all these shots in his movie to add some kind of feeling to the movie, and make us as the audience feel like we are in the scene.

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