Spotlight on clinical Care


At the Journal of Administration a brightest section for me was the “Spotlight on clinical Care’’. This section was arranged in finery and experts like Courtney Johnson along with some other specialists gave most frequent description about the nursing processes. All the details about the people who are new and how they have to apply their learned skills at the most accurate situations have been discussed there so I loved this section. It was like a revision for me.

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Spotlight on clinical Care
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The magnet perspective section was also an important and crucial section. In this section Dr. Maureen lal has thrown a deep light on issues of the nursing (Editor 2020). DR. Lal has highlighted the challenges to the administrative concerns of the nursing regarding the upcoming future and present era. Therefore by looking his views, there should be some healthy steps for resolving the issues of the administrators. He emphasized that a culture is required for the inquiry section and this is what can bring the successful pathway closer to us. Therefore, the inquiry along with the new technicalities should be taught and delivered to the upcoming nurses on the administrative positions. Otherwise, the things can go wrong by looking the future.


Nursing Education

This article from the Journal of Nursing Education is on the nursing shortage. The article talks about the importance of nursing education. With the current pandemic, a lot of nursing school students had to transition from on campus, and clinical training to online training. Even though this was such a quick turnaround, nursing education has always embraced new technology to promote learning. This taking the form of simulation and distance learning (Spurlock, 2020).

Even with the new technologies to advance and continue the learning process for new nurses, the pandemic caused a need for more nurses. These extra nurses are acquired from across the country. Nursing schools had and are still adapting to the changes, to include change in graduation dates, and transition from a clinical setting to online programs. With there already being a nursing shortage in the United States, these necessary changes were made in hopes to offset the ever-demanding need for new nurses (Spurlock, 2020). Further advances of nursing education will continue to bring success and hope to produce more well-trained and efficient nurses in the future.

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