Sports and general exercise are important in keeping the Essay

Sports and general exercise are important in keeping the body physically fit. A person can injure him or herself during practice or in the competition. Worldwide players face these challenges when training, playing and they tend to keep them off during competitions (Luke, 2011). Failing to warm up or poor stretching also lead to these injuries. Athletes are always geared towards making their countries proud by representing them in athletes. However, sports rules and other terminologies should be looked at to ensure that players are protected from such injuries.

The paper describes the notions of sport-related injuries and some strategies to protect the athletes.

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Sports and general exercise are important in keeping the Essay
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Injuries vary depending on parts of the bodies. Severe practices cause the muscles to swell and this can put off the player from playing. Not only sprains but also athlete strains may cause injuries. Knee injuries and fracture present injuries that can last for significant periods. The sports departments and countries at large ignore some of the rules in games and sports.

There exists the stereotype that sports and games are like normal careers and players should withstand any form of difficulties. In my personal perspective, rules exist but they tend to be violated and this indicates corruption in sports departments.

It is clearly noted that heavy penalties do not stop the rate at which athletes and other players get injured. Despite having severe charges, most of the rules tend to be violated and hence overcoming injuries incidences becomes complicated (Ford, 2011). Continuous injuries can lead to chronic challenges that can be a lifetime. The injuries should not be ignored because they may result in internal bleeding which can result in fatal incidences. Medical investigation is hence essential because an athlete may be hurt severely than expected. For instance, an athlete might think that he only suffers from ankle sprain whereas it is a bone fracture.

To prevent athletes from sport-related injuries, precautions during exercise are vital. The sportswear should be of high quality to enhance proper protection during sports and practice. Helmets, padding, mouth guards and shoes should help in ensuring safety to the athletes (Myer, 2011). Nevertheless, the athlete can still be susceptible to injuries despite having this protective equipment. It is therefore advisable to contact the personal healthcare provider prior to starting practices or actual sports. Recommended warm up and good health conditions should also be the first considerations before engaging in sporting activities.

To sum up, sports are essential for healthy living. In addition, those athlete representatives become the pride of their individual countries. However, injuries accrue which deteriorate their physical conditions. Therefore, the sports departments should ensure that rules are followed to ensure the reduction in injury cases. In addition, strong penalties should be issued to those who violate the rules both in managerial and subordinate levels.

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