Sometimes people could feel as if they have been abused as a Essay

Sometimes people could feel as if they have been abused as a result of something happened that hurt them emotionally, however, it might usually only qualify as bullying if it were done purposefully, particularly with malicious intent. It is a physical or verbal abuse that happens repeatedly and concerned a power imbalance. Bullies use their power and strength to harm and frighten people who are weaker or to steer someone to try and do something. It is the simplest method specialize in something that is unique concerning you.

Bullies are created, not born. This behavior is fostered at very young age. It can produce a child who not solely lacks communities’ skills, but feels the necessity to defend themselves perpetually. They need low shallowness. They have to feel answerable of somebody this lack of shallowness will foster a desire to be up to the mark of one thing. Bullying can take the shape of physical contact, words, and a lot of subtle actions.

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Sometimes people could feel as if they have been abused as a Essay
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Some people have many reasons for bullying others, including stress, trauma, negative behaviors from life issues, hate the way they look, they’ve been bullied, relationships and difficult home life. There are thought to be a minimum of five kinds of bullying. Physical bullying can involve hitting, kicking, pinching, pushing, or otherwise, assaultive others. Verbal bullying refers to the use of words to hurt others with name-calling, insults, making sexual or intolerant comments, harsh teasing, taunting, or verbal threats. Relative bullying focuses on excluding somebody from a peer group, sometimes through verbal threats, spreading rumors, and alternative varieties of intimidation. Reactive bullying involves the bully responding to being a former victim by choosing on others. Bullying can even involve assault on somebody’s property, once the victim has his or her belongings taken or broken. Some bullies start the bullying journey as they were bullied before. They have a lot of pain. They don’t have someone to talk with or friends to care about them.


2. Literature Review

1. Spijt!

Netherlands movie by Carry Slee (2013)

Spijt! Bring up the issues of whether good people or surrounded people have a duty to step in when they see bad behavior. In Spijt one of the characters who is called “David” is simply such a person, a brilliant and proper high school student who noticeable flinches when he sees “Jochem” (the bullied person), and an honest schoolmate, abused. Jochem was bullied by his classmates due to his overweight. Bullies steal jochem’s clothes then throw it on the ground and hang it on the trees. They bully him verbally and also physically by beating him up and pushing him on the floor. They hit him in the face till bleeding. They call him with unacceptable nicknames like fatty and pig…. Also, their captain was joining the jokes they made on him and laugh at it. David was mad of what they are doing with Jochem and upset from himself of not helping him or taking the right action toward these bullies. David was afraid of being also bullied by these bullies if he opened his mouth about what they are doing. Also if he speaks up, the others, who are most likely similarly shocked by the bullying, may hate him for making them feel guiltier about their very own quietness and weakness. When David decided and began to defend Jochem, they begin in bullying him which made him shut his mouth and didn’t do it again. When anyone disagrees with what they do, they start to talk about this person badly and bully him / her. Bullies don’t like to feel or be seen that anyone especially the bullied person achieved on them even if he does not mean it. All these bad behaviors leave negative energy and negative thoughts on the bullied. They made him want to kill himself and die. It started by hurting himself by fire ending by being found drowned in a lake. After he was bullied and refused from the girl, he loved, he killed himself by throwing himself in the lake to end this awful life. Some bullies go to the bullying way as they see the bullied person is much better than them which make them jealous of him and rather than telling him how he is excellent in such a thing, they transfer that in wrong way by bad feelings and behaviors. In the day the police found him drowned in the lake. The bullies forced him to drink a lot of alcohol until he became drunk and can’t see anything. They pushed him on the ground and started kicking him. In this moment Jochem called David for a help but he didn’t answer his request so the bullies continued hitting him more. After it’s too late to help Jochem, David called his columnist mother to write on bullying at his school with the expectation that others will gain and learn from the disaster.

Today in each classroom around the world weak and powerless kids are focused by mean ones. David represent how untrustworthy even the most positive and effective people are once involves standing up to evil. Sensitive performance and a cagy script fantastically communicate David’s struggle. He’s aware of bullying is not right, he indeed appears to feel Jochem’s torment himself.

The movie stops at the precarious of squeezing for an answer to that question: Why do people pull away within the face of evil?

The movie also makes the hassle to seem at bullies as human beings and what conditions may have cultivated their savagery. Everyone needs to bargain with bullies a minimum of once in their life and it is great to perceive what sort of harm bullies can cause. It also shows that indeed when you are not one in each of the bullies but out a stander who does nothing concerning it. Being bullied is for some people, regrettably, a daily manifestation.

2. A girl like her

Documentary movie by Amy S. Weber (2015)

A girl like her is a documentary movie about bullying in high schools. It has two main characters: Jessica, the bullied girl, and Avery, the bullying girl. The movie begins with Jessica who suicide by swallowing her mother’s pills. The documentarian wanted to figure out what went wrong with Jessica to make her to that by doing interviews with the teachers, administrators and students. The movie maker decided to take after Avery to inform her aspect of the story, but Avery denies she did anything other than once in a while a joke around with Jessica, till Jessica’s best friend decided to show everyone documents with how Avery was bullying Jessica. A girl like her doesn’t show the plainly physical form of bullying, but rather the emotionally damaging kind that young ladies looks to specialize in: harassing writings, continuous insuperable, locker tricks and threatening language, etc.

“The hurt people are the people who hurt people”

Avery maybe doesn’t hate Jessica, maybe she just hates herself. Avery is a person who has a lot of pain. She doesn’t have somebody to talk with, her mother and father don’t talk with her and even her friends don’t care about her. Jessica was only her real friend who cares about her and never wanted to hurt her. Avery’s mother used to bully Avery’s father and shout in his face. Then Avery started to bully her brother and her friend. She always finds a way to avenge Jessica. Everything began when Avery tried to cheat from Jessica the exam and she didn’t accept that Avery went crazy from that. Then it slow began step by step bumping into her, send nasty messages, send dirty looks, call her with bad words, stand in her way, telling her that everyone hates her, open her locker and throw her things then cut her photos, when Avery sees Jessica happy, she goes to tell her anything to make her feel awful. Most of the time she used to say to her this phrase “Go and kill yourself” and she really did at the end.

3. Bullying

There isn’t any authorized definition for bullying. But it is more often than not characterized as rehashed behavior which is planning to hurt somebody either emotionally or physically, and is regularly pointed at certain people since of their race, religion, sexual orientation or sexual introduction or any other perspective such as appearance or inability. Bullying happens once a group of people or someone repeatedly and on purpose use actions or words to hurt and cause distress to a different person’s well-being. It’s a lot of concerning continual behavior by somebody who has control over somebody else or power. Bullying is undesirable, forceful behavior among school aged children that includes a genuine or seen control awkwardness. The behavior is rehashed or has the potential to be rehashed, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have genuine, enduring issues. The bullying definition is broad and may occur during a type of environments it always may be a relationship problem and needs relationship-based solutions. These are best solved within the social atmosphere in which they occur: in a kid or young person’s life, this is often most frequently the school. The Norwegian researcher Dan Olweus says bullying occurs when a person is “exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons”. He says negative actions occur “when a person intentionally inflicts injury or discomfort upon another person, through physical contact, through words or in other ways”. Bullying may be done anyplace: at school, at work, at home or even on social media. Bullying has negative behavior controlled by someone who has power. Anyone can be bullied, and anyone can do the bullying. The bullied feels that they don’t have the power to stop what is happening to them.

Types of bullying

A person bullying is often classified into four types. Physical, verbal, and emotional bullying happens mostly in schools and seem too start much prior while proceeding into afterward stages in people lives.

o Physical bullying: This bullying that damages someone’s possessions or hurts their body. Physical bullying incorporates hitting, stumbling, kicking, squeezing and harming property or pushing.

o Verbal bullying: This bullying is handled by speaking. Verbal bullying incorporates name calling, insuperable, threatening somebody, prodding, terrorizing, homophobic, making fun of others or supremacist comments, or verbal abuse. It is one of the foremost common sorts of bullying. Saying things on someone that is not true.

o Emotional bullying: It can hurt a lot. It hurt people from inside and makes them feel bad of themselves.

o Cyber bullying: This is people use digital technologies like phones, computers and social media to bully others by sending text messages, bad videos, stories and photos that make fun of others. It also can be spread online to everyone.


Bullies use their power and strength to hurt and frighten those who are weaker or to persuade somebody to do something. A bully look for methods to induce power and control over another person to let that person feel awful and to make the bully look a lot of powerful. Bullies use their power to control and hurt others making them feel unsafe in places where they should feel protected. Bullying is hard to be stopped and that because most people first reaction of bullying is to ignore it so it won’t stop and it might get worth. We often consider the kid bully as being male, however the percentage of girls who intimidate their classmates and siblings is increasing dramatically. Bullying doesn’t stop at the tip of the school day, either. Whether or not bullies are reception, at school, or they’re threatening and daunting alternative children on the web, they’re going to act dead sets make themselves feel powerful. Several children who are bullies in school are bullies at home. The foremost common victims are their innocent siblings. Dealing with bullies needs holding them strictly in charge of the abusive, hurtful or disrespectful things that they are doing to feel powerful. They have to apply applicable ways that to feel powerful using social skills, articulating their feelings, act honestly with others and finding issues. Those skills are troublesome to develop. It takes work; it’s like learning the way to multiply or learning the way to add. However, it also may be done. Holding bullies in command of inappropriate behavior provides them boundaries and offers them a roadmap for doing that work. The most necessary issue to keep in mind concerning bullies is that they choose on those whom they understand as weaker, therefore, as long as you stay passive and compliant, make for yourself a target. Several bullies also are cowards on the within. Once their victims begin to indicate backbone and rise for his or her rights, the bully can usually back down. There are studies show that several bullies are victims of violence themselves. This in no means excuses bullying behavior, but might facilitate your consider the bully during a lot of self-collected light.

“When people don’t like themselves very much, they have to make up for it. The classic bully was actually a victim first.” — Tom Hiddleston

Why do people bully?

o Sometimes the bully might not know that they are the bully or don’t know that this behavior is wrong. As bullying happen in the environment surrounding them or this behavior is common. May be their parents bully themselves.

o Person insecurities: People feel so bad, so they need to feel other people feel bad.

o Difference: When people see someone unique around them, they start to bully him to not feel that this person is better than them.

o Jealous: When someone feels jealous of the other, they start to make them feel bad of themselves and not feel comfortable about this thing which actually made the bullies jealous of.

o Rejection: A person has felt rejection or been rejected. So he feels the need someone else feels the same way because the pain they came through. There are typically feelings of rejection from those who should love them categorically.

o Power: Sometimes it can feel really good to be in power and control the others.

o They want to feel that they are the most important people in the place and there are people become afraid from just seeing them.

o They have a lot of pain.

o They don’t have someone to talk with or someone to tell them if they are right or wrong and teach them what the right things are.

o They don’t have friends to care about them.

o They need to feel in charge of someone. This look of self-esteem can foster a need to be in control of something.

o Low Self-esteem: In order to mask however, they really feel concerning themselves, some those that bully focus attention on somebody else. They struggle to avoid any negative attention directed at them by deflecting. However understand they could look within the mirror reception and hate the means they give the impression of being. There’s such a lot pressure to measure up to beauty and fitness standards.

o Relationships: those who bully are a lot of seemingly to want their friendships and family relationships aren’t very secure. So as to stay friendships. They may be pressured by their peers to behave a particular way. They’re more probably to want people who are nearest to them make them do things that they don’t feel comfy doing and aren’t very appurtenant or in love.

Effects of bullying

Bullying has negative short and long-term consequences for each the victim and also the bully. Whereas ancient intervention for bullying tends to incorporate obtaining help for the victim and establishing consequences for the bully, it ought to be noted that each the victim and also the bully get pleasure from psychosocial support.

o Bullying will cause Depression and Suicide: The most exceedingly bad case result from bullying is depression and suicide.

o School Shootings: When these children feel like no one cares for them and gets to the purpose wherever rage takes control of them, this is often once school shootings occur.

o Ability to Trust Others: This may not show in younger years with the kid, however as they grow and mature and begin to make relationships with others, this deep seeded mistrust for people starts to surface. This could cause unsuccessful friendships and even future relationships with their important others.

o Ability to Learn: when somebody is bullied, it affects their brain’s receptors negatively. This ends up in a scarcity of concentration and depression.

o School Drop Outs: If somebody feels as if they cannot be accepted for who they’re within the one place that they’re supposed to feel safe, why would they need to stay? This can be an issue as a result of these kids loses out on the chance to advance their education and probably make a lot of successful life for themselves.

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