Some people like to travel with a companion Essay

Travel is always the greatest recreation for most people. It can enable us to not only accumulate our knowledge about history, culture, geography, but also reduce daily stress and make ourselves relax. Some people like to travel with companions, other people believe that it is better to travel alone. From my point of view, I prefer to travel myself. And I will attempt to elaborate my opinions in following paragraphs. First, it is more free to travel alone.

I do not need to consider of others.

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Some people like to travel with a companion Essay
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I can control my time and my destination myself. I can stay in a place for longer hours if I feel really enjoyable there. What’s more, while setting an itinerary, I am no need to negotiate with companions. For example, if you have a high passion to play bungee jumping, but most of your friends are afraid to do it. Then you are possible to be disappointed. To be contrast, you can go bungee jumping yourself and try it second or third times you want without feeling peer pressure.

Another reason why I prefer solo travel is that to travel alone makes the journey more interesting and exciting.

To try something new or something which can seldom be experienced in daily life is an important element during traveling. You can discover new pastime, food or skill that you would not get if you go with a group that has already setting the agenda for you. You can make new friends and get unexpected experiences in journey. It will be more fun than you could ever image. For the reasons mentioned above, I am more than convinced that solo travel is a more relax an exciting way to travel.

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