Solved: why is experience on the job is required? more than 200 words

why is experience on the job is required?

more than 200 words

Expert Answer

It is essential to understand the phase of Job analysis first to know why experience is required on the Job.

In order to undertake a job, an Employer initially does a Job analysis which is a procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it. Hence the key role of Job analysis is analyzing, describing and providing specifications in terms of

•          Determining duties and skills

•          Listing job duties, responsibilities, reporting, conditions, supervision

•          “Human requirements”

Firstly, an HR manager must collect information about the job’s actual work activities, such as cleaning, selling, teaching, or painting. This list may also include how, why, and when the worker performs each activity. Next, the Machines, tools, equipment, and work aids should be considered. This category includes information regarding products made, materials processed, knowledge dealt with or applied (such as finance or law), and services rendered (such as counseling or repairing). Then there should be an analysis of the Performance standards. The employer may also want information about the job’s performance standards (in terms of quantity or quality levels for each job duty, for instance). Management will use these standards to appraise employees. Next phase would be the Job context. Included here would be the information about such matters as physical working conditions, work schedule, and the organizational and social context—for instance, the number of people with whom the employee would normally interact. Information regarding incentives might also be included here. Human requirements would be the next step. This include information regarding the job’s human requirements, such as job-related knowledge or skills (education, training, work experience) and required personal attributes (aptitudes, physical characteristics, personality, interests).

Hence, it could be inferred that in recruitment, Job analysis play an important factor. Work experience is an intrinsic element to Job analysis because it helps in vouching for the duties and skills that a potential employee is expected to undertake. Further, in job analysis, when the jobs duties and responsibilities are listed, it gives the potential candidates an idea as to how have the picked up similar roles in the past and was the same indeed fruitful to him on his way to career growth.

Work experience, on the part of the employers; also help in deciding the compensation package for the new employees. If the employees possess already certain set of job skills as described in the job analysis stage by the employer, by way of his previous job experience, then the employer may have to invest less time and efforts as well money to impart training to such an employee right from the scratch. These employees hence would be more fruitful to the organization owing to perceived faster adaptation process to the new Organizational culture on their part. Hence, accordingly, based on the kind of job experience such a candidate or a potential employee possess, a competitive compensation package could be offered so as to lure the potential candidates to accept the same and be part of the Organization.

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