Solved: Why does conflict seem to occur in organizations?

Why does conflict seem to occur in organizations?

What is your thought about the best way to identify and resolve conflict in work environments?

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Solved: Why does conflict seem to occur in organizations?
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Is conflict something that can be avoided altogether?

Expert Answer

In organizations a conflict is generally a struggle between people . This struggle can be physical or that of conflicting ideas based upon different perceptions leading to discord or disagreements . So why does conflict seem to occur in organizations . The reasons are :

1. Clash of perceptions , goals or values among people in organizations where people care about the common outcome .

2. The disagreement on the process to be used for achieving the outcome .

3. Competition for the limited resources of the organization .

4. Interdependence upon each other for achieving individual and organization goals.

Generally conflict is healthy because it forces people to come out of their comfort zones and think differently then their own perceptions and thought processes . Decisions and outcomes becomes best if these are conflicted . But for a healthy atmosphere environment conflicts should not be allowed to go overboard . And if these are seen going overboard these resolved . Best way to resolve conflicts is to make people / employees repected each others values and perceptions . There should not be any ego tussles . All conflicts should be within the confines and boundaries of the organizational decisions and matters and not beyond them . So the specific problem which is the source of the conflict should be concentrated upon . Communication should be open and parties involved should be allowed to spell their heart out and then parties should be asked to take an unbiased look at each others perception and thoughts and are asked to think logically as to which is the best solution for the organization of which they are also a part and stakeholders.

Conflict is not something that can be avoided altogether as all human biengs are different with different thought processes and perceptions. As discussed in organizations we should not try to avoid conflict altogether because these are essential for the growth of the organization. Conflictless organizations are stagnant organizations .

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