Solved: Why do people often opposition and resistance change

1.    Why do people often opposition and resistance change?

2.    Why is agility (flexibility and adaptability) crucial in healthcare and business today?

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Solved: Why do people often opposition and resistance change
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3.    List the guidelines for the effective management of change.

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1. The following are the reason for opposition and resistance change:

1. The employees will not understand on the need of the change as they will be unclear on the new process of the management.

2. The work changes and so the employees will get scared on their possessed skills and knowledge towards the work as they need to be upgraded with new technologies and applications.

3. Lack of communication by the management as where the employees are informed on the change without prior information, as that affect the employees to follow and adapt on the new change process.

4. The employees consider as they will not be recognized or rewarded on their performance due to the change management.

2. The following are the reasons provided for the crucial on flexibility and adaptability in healthcare and business today:

1. People feel difficult to adjust for the change in the situation towards new technology and process and that reduce on the flexibility and adaptability in the healthcare and business today.

2. Employees feel difficult to adapt on the additional roles and responsibility towards the change in the organization as that decreases on the flexibility towards their work as that impact on the performance.

3. Difficult to understand on the innovation and new design through change and the employee feel competitive and face challenges on adapting towards the work.

3. The following are the guidelines for the effective management of change:

1. A set process as to be maintained on the management change: eg the coordinators on initiating and implementing the changes, priorities on managing the change, measuring on the effectiveness on the change as that should not affect the management.

2. Proper communication and monitoring needs to be taken into consideration for the positive outcome of the change, as where the employees play a major role in the organization.

3. Implementing on the change needs to be evaluated because the employees will not accept the change easily in the organization as where they will follow only on their previous procedures.

4. The risk should be taken care as that should not lead to crisis of the organization through change. So that the management should be aware on the ongoing process of the change and it impacts.

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