Solved: What is the IT Architecture and infastructure for smart cities?

What is the IT Architecture and infastructure for smart cities?

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Whats is IT infrastructure for a city

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Solved: What is the IT Architecture and infastructure for smart cities?
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The term infrastructure in an information technology (IT) context refers to the collection of the Hardware and the software as well as their successful testing and bringing it on the implementation stage in the city area.

What is IT architecture for a city

The IT Architecture which is in the city area and is an organized junction of consensus decisions on policies and fundamentals and principles, the services to people, common standards & basic drafted guidelines as well as specific vendor products used by IT which are the basic IT providers which is ment for inside as well as outside manner.

Explanations in details

City planning consists of technical and political process which is directly related with the development as well as the use of basic infrastructure of the city area like land and buildings and the use of the environment, Social welfare, and the design of entire city development and the infrastructure which interacts with the city such as transportation,communications, and distribution of various networks.

The city planning is also referred to as urban and regional planning like city planning as well as city planning the plan making etc.The city IT planning is the GOD to the village, sub-urban and the urban planning bodies.

In smart cities the IT must take care that the traffic, policies of the city area, Town planning materials, infrastructure, Rules and regulations and other varied in-depth knowledge is stored at a proper place such can be easily accessible at the times when ever the authorities feels to check it to solve their basic problems with the city. This also includes the traffic materials, fine management and other known how which is essential to manage a city properly.

Thus the It architecture is called the basics and the core platform to manage the city via IT and the IT infrastructure is all the available resources guiding towards how to execute this core platform and its usage to execute the proper management of the smart city.

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