Solved: What are the five criteria used to evaluate training success?

What are the five criteria used to evaluate training success?

Expert Answer

Training and development is very important for employees at workplace. These process helps in enhancing the skills of the employees so that they can give highest level of performance and focus on their career development. It not only enhance the skills of the employees but also benefit the organization by improving the quality of work.

Evaluation of training is very important because

  • It is one of the business tool that can be validated as it is done to improve the performance of the organization.
  • Cost incurred can be justified.
  • Evaluation helps in improving the training design.
  • Evaluation process can help in selecting effective training methods.

The criteria for measuring training success are: –

  • The direct and indirect cost associated with training is an important criteria which can determine whether the training is successful or not.
  • Efficiency is another criteria that is used to determine the training success by measuring the amount of learning that is achieved in comparison to the amount of effort utilized. So, if the training method is more efficient, then the cost will be less.
  • Change in performance and behavior is one of the important criteria which determine whether the training is successful or not. Positive change in behavior and performance of employees who attended the training give clear picture that training is successful.
  • Number of people attending the training also provide clear picture about training success. The number of people attend the training, their needs will be addressed by the training which in turn depicts that design and methodology used is meeting their expectations.
  • Training that is to be completed as per the schedule gives clear picture that training needs are to be completed by specific time frame that is essential to meet the objectives. So, if the training program is going as per the schedule then it is likely to be successful.
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