Solved: what are some implications of the move for the office in San Jose? Would this move be

what are some implications of the move for the office in San Jose? Would this move be viewed positively by the home office given that some R&D work was being transferred to shanghai

Expert Answer

1 ) There will be both positive as well as negative impact of move for the office in San Jose. The positive aspects may be seen as ,

A) Reduction in cost

B) New market

C ) Overseas presence and growth

D) A variety of talent may be seen as source of hirings.

E) Employement to local talents .

F ) New experience to a distinct business environment

G) More opportunities to open other offices in different countries.

Negative implications:

1 ) Job cut in USA.

2) Facing unethical practices of Chinese region

3) People’s resistance against office move.

4) More concentartion to Chinese office it might be possible that local business lost its path. Hence , loss may be occurred.

5) Challenges of being a new organization in Chinese market .

2) I think employees and researchers might not be happy with this move due to the following reasons,

A) It reduces the focused approach of new innovation and developments.

B) The problem of secrecy might be occurred as the employees from Chinese origin may be steal those formula or process .

C ) As business is highly competitive so trade secrets migh be revealed .

D) There is a big concern regarding investment cost of reserach and development . It is highly cost incurring activity so it will hamper the profitability of the company. So , no new office should be opened.

E ) Many problems will be come due to different Chinese customs and cultural differences.

F) It might be some people will be transferred for Shanghai so it might be demotivating them as people may be resist to change.

G) The practices of focusing to core business might be disturbed due to many I’ll impact of this decision.

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