Solved: Watch this 4 minute video on the Top 5 Trends in Project Management and

Watch this 4 minute video on the Top 5 Trends in Project Management and comment on the below questions. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

1,What top 2 of the 5 trends resonate with you?

2,Explain why. How could the Project Manager use social meeting in a project?

3, What technology tools do you think would help a Project Manager be mobilel?

4,List a challenge with managing virtual and/or global teams and how you suggest overcoming the challenge.

5, What technology tools are available to Project Managers to aid them in doing their job more efficiently and with better data and Key Performance Indicators?

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Expert Answer


a) Leveraging Mobile and b) upgrading technology is what seems to resonate with me as I think that they will be most helpful is the way that I manage any project or program.


Social Project Management refers to leveraging on the social media relations to gain advantages in the project or program in hand. The project managers use the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) to connect with their personal connections to discuss crucial points through threads of discussion and they gain insights of different people at a time who although are not the part of the project team itself but helps out in the social meeting with their knowledge and experience on the subject matter.


Mobile-based solutions such as mobile apps are used for making the project managers’ work mobile. There exist a number of app-based tools in Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and web platforms. Most of them are capable of providing traditional PM attributes topped up with additional features. These include drag-and-drop interface includes agile project management, collaboration, budgeting, notifications, customization, issue tracking, learning and support training, and task management. Some of these app-based tools are WorkflowMax, Wrike, Trello, Smartsheet, Mavenlink, Clarizen, and Asana.


The most challenging issue related to managing a virtual and global team is the lack of the face-to-face interaction with results in a lack of richness in communication. The team needs to use a whole bunch of tools including wikis, blogs, messages, conferencing etc. to increase the richness but the richness of a face-to-face interaction can never be achieved. In order to overcome this challenge, the leadership must be well-capable of handling a) communication and b) Technology. With effective use of technology i.e. which mode is suitable for what type of communication the leaders can overcome this challenge to some extent.


MS-Project Professional and Primavera had been the traditional tools for managing data and KPIs for quite some time in the field of Project Management. However, in recent years, few other tools are in use. These tools are cloud-based and thus they can store the user data in the cloud and use the internet to dispose the data to the users for their usage. Some of these tools are Wrike, ZOHO Projects, Workfront, Mavenlink, and TeamworkProjects.

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