Solved: Watch this 4 minute video on the Top 5 Trends in Project Management and comment

Watch this 4 minute video on the Top 5 Trends in Project Management and comment on the below questions. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

1,What top 2 of the 5 trends resonate with you?

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Solved: Watch this 4 minute video on the Top 5 Trends in Project Management and comment
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2, Explain why. How could the Project Manager use social meeting in a project?

3,What technology tools do you think would help a Project Manager be mobilel?

4,List a challenge with managing virtual and/or global teams and how you suggest overcoming the challenge.

5,What technology tools are available to Project Managers to aid them in doing their job more efficiently and with better data and Key Performance Indicators?

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Expert Answer

Ans 1 Leveraging mobile and upgrading the technology are the two importat factors leading to successful project management performance. It does not mean that other three are less relavant. The priority with which one incorporates these trends depends case to case. In my case, the two given above are the most important because sharing of information and decision making on the go are the order of the day for many project managers who are always on the move, and need to be in touch round the clock with the project team. They rely on technology tools and mobile applications for communication for better management of tasks.

Ans 2 – A project manager can use the social media for networking opportunities, communication and sharing of information and collaborating with the team. There are applications that work like social media while integrating the project teams through an activity sharing interface. This can act as an excellent meeting place for team members working at different geographical locations.

Ans 3 – Social media communication and sharing tools like whatsapp, instagram, twitter and linkedin. Project management tools like wrike ad trello. video communication and interaction tools like skype.

Ans 4 – Challenges in managing virtual teams.

(i) Reliance on technology.

(ii) Communication in different time zones.

(iii) Cultural difference that defines styles of communication, attitude towards the work, beliefs and mindset.

(iv) Regional issues faced by the project teams related to work environment, regulations, political situation and so on.

Ans 5 – Technology tools for project managers.

(a) Harvest – A time tracking tool that helps to manage the deadlines and keep a tab on time.

(b) Asana – Helps to assign the tasks and follow up.

(c) Google business suite – It has mail, docs, drive and storage to manage the project tasks better.

(d) Join me – A tool that brings all attendees together to see the same information as seen on your screen and helps create a meeting place.

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