Solved: Voice of the customer is a concept that has been embraced by marketing

Voice of the customer is a concept that has been embraced by marketing-oriented companies. Using the Internet do some research. Find a company that uses it, and discuss how it fits into its new product development process. Talk to somebody in your own company to see if it is used. Discuss these in not less than 200 word.

Expert Answer

Marketing is the method opted by the companies to improve their product or launch new product as per customer requirement. They get the information from the customer about their requirement and expectations about the new product. Customer feedback helps in improvement of product. In marketing the sales person or customer care help lines receives customer feedback. Marketing oriented companies focus on people demand. These companies analyse the research and survey data based on customer demand. They invest in surveys to access that data even sell that data to other companies. These surveys will include online as well as physical attraction with the customer. Another method is market based analysis. It will be performed after complete analysis of customer feedback. They study the product present in market. They design the product as per customer requirement, if product is already in the market they find out the reason of not in demand of that product. For example mobile manufacturing industries they are manufacturing product as per customer requirement. Few are manufacturing the sleek models of mobile phones, some are focusing on the feature of the mobile phone i.e. camera resolution, No. of Sim card slots, Display size etc.

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Solved: Voice of the customer is a concept that has been embraced by marketing
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Last method opted by manufacturing companies is advertisement where they advertise their product. Advertisements help in introduction of new product and new features of old version of products. It plays vital role in sales and profit from the product. After launching the product the companies get the feedback from the customer about product.

Mobile companies, Cold drinks manufactures, Detergent manufacturing industries are using the marking oriented strategy to promote their product and increase the profit margin. Detergent manufacturer introduce the product with different fragrances, Cold drink manufacturer are introducing the different flavors. Some are promoting their products based on the quality wise i.e. natural or synthetic chemically made cold drinks.

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