Solved: Visit on the net. A review is an analysis of the site, ie., what

Visit on the net. A review is an analysis of the site, ie., what types of articles, does it provide, who is their target audience, what are their view, etc. Please do not write about the appearance of the site, ie., the colors, graphics, etc. Write a review of this site that is no less than one page (single-spaced, 12 pt font). This should be submitted by clicking the below “view/complete assignment”. Please submit this input as an MS Word document. This must be submitted as an attachment. Do not write or copy and paste in the comments section. Please save all of your assignments, in case you need to resubmit. Due August 21 @ 11:00 p.m.

Expert Answer

Labornet.Org is a communication network to revitalise labour movement. It uses new technology and means of communication to disseminate news and information with respect to labour news and movements. LaborNet was established in 1991 to build a democratic communication network for the labor movement. The founders believe that the new communication technology must be put to use to revitalize and rebuild the labor movement.

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Solved: Visit on the net. A review is an analysis of the site, ie., what
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The site mainly focus on articles and information on labour movements and initiatives that pertains to labor interests globally. It mainly focuses on labor interest and their well being. It houses articles and new items that throws light on labor interest and well being. Its basic idea is to use new means of technology and communication means to develop a network which is democratic in nature and help revive labor movements. It is an organisation that champions the cause of worker’s rights. They focus on news and article pertains to strikes, lockouts and worker’s agitation .They in way challenge the capitalist and MNCs of today’s world by providing a platform for sharing information regarding labour rights and activities. Their target audience is the workers across different organisation where be it from manufacturing sectors or services. They are not deterred by large names in business world. Their aim is to build a community of sorts for the working class and give them a voice. They also defend the Internet from censorship and the privatization of information that would limit and destroy their rights to communicate and build world unionism.

The idea of democratic communication network stems from the behavioural thoughts which went against the classical and scientific thoughts towards labour. Classical and scientific thoughts did not focus on humane aspect of labour and just considered it as being also set up in other places like Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Japan and Korea. LaborNet says it also works a factor of production. Human emotions and feeling were disregarded. Once the behavioural theorist came into picture, they brought focus on human feelings, emotion, needs etc and hence the need for organised groups to fight for the rights and needs of the workers. These were informal groups which had bottom up approach and is participative in nature. There is no once boss and everyone is responsible is what he or she is doing. LaborNet is one such groups which is informally organised and provides a platform for labor or workers and others who are interested in fighting for their rights to come together share with each other.

Their approach is towards labour unionism and bringing the labor across the word on one platform so that they can use it to share information.

Currently, the initiative has been expanded, with “LaborNets” to defend the internet from censorship and the privatization of information “that would limit and destroy our rights to communicate and build world unionism.”

It used various channels of communication which includes written articles, audios as well as video files to bring together labor related news and articles. The articles and news on the forum is focused current movements, laws, legal proceedings related labor etc.

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