Solved: Understanding marketing as a multi-step process relying on building successful customer

Understanding marketing as a multi-step process relying on building successful customer relationships is essential to helping organizations grow and achieve their goals. This assignment defines marketing, the customer value proposition, and creating mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and target, as well as applies these concepts to the student to create a personal brand.

Scenario: You have just graduated from the University of Phoenix with your Bachelor’s Degree. You have decided either to seek a promotion at your current work, explore new career opportunities, or open your own business and are using your marketing knowledge to position yourself for career growth.

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Solved: Understanding marketing as a multi-step process relying on building successful customer
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Provide a definition of marketing from the American Marketing Association. Define the customer value proposition. Discuss the differences between the marketing process and advertising, the goals of creating a strong customer value proposition, and the unique relationship that exists between company and customer.

Use your workplace, a company you would like to work for, or an entrepreneurial vision and apply the concepts of the customer value proposition and relationship marketing to their operations. Introduce who the company, or business idea is and what they do. Provide examples demonstrating how the company uses these concepts successfully. Are there any ways they can improve in these areas? How?

Determine how your own personal brand links to the organization’s customer value proposition. Discuss ways you can integrate a customer value proposition and use relationship marketing to position yourself the best. Please share examples to illustrate your thoughts and reasoning.

Expert Answer

The latest approved marketing definition by AMA ( July 2013) is “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Basically, marketing has been defined as a set of activities which fulfils customer’s needs for a consideration.

My career has been in to fine arts and I was a copy writer before joining my MBA. Having an MBA in sales and marketing with micro specialisation in advertising and sales promotion, I think it has improved my brand in many ways. An added qualification positions me for higher roles within an ad agency where I am percieved to be playing a bigger role ( Brand positioning). MBA has also added certain skill sets to me which will help me in justifying the new positioning. I can either play higher roles or more than one role can be clubbed up in earlier position.

Other than my qualifications, my personal brand also has many more traits: reliability, professionalism, loyalty, honesty, intutiveness, team work, leadership attributes and Emotional Intelligence too. Hence, while projecting my personal brand, the customer value proposition will be ” A creative marketing and branding professional who delivers terrific value to your marketing projects”.

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