Solved: Three students want to be quality directors after graduation. Mark Berry

Three students want to be quality directors after graduation.

Mark Berry use the Kaizen approach because it’s simple, easy, and effective. Sandra Griffith uses the Six Sigma approach. While Juan Carlos will not use either. He will create a master list of improvement strategies to use whatever is best for the individual situation.

Select a health care entity to focus on, this could be a clinic or hospital of your choosing. Review the debate that is discussed between Sandra and Juan and answer the following questions. If you were the supervisor of Sandra and Juan, how would you guide their discussion in determining the best improvement strategy?

Expert Answer

I would initiate a discussion by asking each to share what it is about their preferred enhancement strategy that leads them to choose that one over the rest . I would then ask them to enunciate the advantages & disadvantages of each, likenesses & distinctions , and how those would apply to various kinds of quality improvement issues in a healthcare situation. It would be essential to aid them develop a consideration of the nature of quality enhancements methods as instruments , the choice of which should be based on the particular issue to be solved. Whatever the   abbreviation of the methodology ( TQM/ CQI) or instrument utilized ( Six Sigma/ FMEA), the essential component of quality enhancement is a dynamic practice that usually uses greater than one quality improvement means . Quality improvement needs 5 basics for its success: nurturing and supporting an ethos of safety & change, developing & explaining a recognition of the issue, involving the chief stakeholders, examining change proposals , constant performance monitoring & reporting of the findings in order to support the change

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