Solved: This question involves techniques for both accountability

This question involves techniques for both accountability and also workplace relationships. Accountability and workplace relationships tend to go hand in hand—one usually involves the other.

For this question, briefly describe two techniques you can use to hold yourself accountable toward meeting professional goals. Also, briefly describe two techniques for maintaining positive relationships in a workplace. Within your descriptions, include examples of how you would use the techniques in a workplace.

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Solved: This question involves techniques for both accountability
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Being accountable and maintaining positive relationships in the workplace enables people to communicate positively and thus achieve the organization goals. As a member or leader of the organization, one technique of ensuring accountability is to judge the employees based on their outcomes. Accountability can be measure by how much the employees can actually accomplish and not how busy thy may seem. An example is whereby the employees may be logged in to their computers yet they do their own stuff. Therefore, it is important to base performance on actual work done. The second technique is through setting clear goals, expectation and policies. This will give the employees a guide on what should be done and therefore promote accountability at every level of the organization. (Hall,2017)

Positive relationships need to be fostered as they help ensure team work that can grow the company. The first technique of achieving this is through accepting and celebrating differences. The workplace for instance may have people of different diversities and opinions. Learning to accept the views of others despite the personal differences can help promote positive relationships. The second technique is learning to give feedback and promoting communication of feedback form the employees. This will help identify any problems and fix them as well as improve on idea sharing thus positive relationships. (Ragins,2013)

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