Solved: The future is agile copy and paste:

The future is agile copy and paste:

At the conclusion, respond to:If you agree with Dr. Trost’s proclamation that agile human resources (HR) only works if performance management is “killed”? Express why you concur or oppose.

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Solved: The future is agile copy and paste:
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Expert Answer

I do not agree with the given statement as the performance management is still relevant in an agile work environment. Outcome of the performance management is to improve the efficiency and productivity of the human resources. These efficiency and productivity are measured with respect to the achievement of objectives set between the company and the client. It is true that in agile work environment, employees interact with client and takes direction from the client, but the company does not go out of context in this scenario. As it is the company that provides a platform for interaction between the client and the employee. Further, taking directions are not enough, employees have to deliver the desired results after the new scope of work is fixed.
Agile work is evolving in nature and agile human resources are capable to work and deliver the work with changing scope, but it only makes performance management to be dynamic and it does not make performance management to be irrelevant.

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