Solved: The essence of competitive strategy is knowing how

The essence of competitive strategy is knowing how your assets better enable you to meet that customers need than the next person because then it’s harder for people to copy you… why is this still true today within our compeditive markets?

Expert Answer

Essence of competitive strategy- Fair competition promote ultimate benefit to all stake holder including business person as well customer also. Policy of bossiness are design according to available resources. For proper deploy of available resources it require proper knowledge asset management. Business person ever plan according to available opportunities and resources in market and according to SWOT analysis workout the plan. For knowing better asset it required quality parameter and its scale according to requirements of customer to fulfill their need. Business or production house before production all input get selected according to capacity of production & ,market requirement. This all raw input has to pass different quality parameter . whereas production process convert the raw in put in to finish good and after creation of asset fore sell it has to pass again certain quality measure and slandered norm as per government.

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Solved: The essence of competitive strategy is knowing how
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After passing all these quality parameter the customer get full value for their money along with satisfaction. And it become very difficult to copy all this in short span of time.

Competitive market plays important role as its buyers market, and buyers decide accordingly , and number of options s are available to customers. A single unsatisfactory customer, tends him to Change the seller for lack of satisfactory service. Thus any kind of malpractice is not tolerable from costumer point of view. Hence true and fair business practices are always welcome by buyers subjected to customer orientation of created asset.

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