Solved: The chosen company is Pizza Hut. Define the firm's strategic mission,

The chosen company is Pizza Hut.

Define the firm’s strategic mission, strategy, and competitive priorities. What are the order qualifiers and winners? What would operations have to be good at to make this a successful business or organization?

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Solved: The chosen company is Pizza Hut. Define the firm's strategic mission,
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1) Pizza hut was started in the year 1958 . Pizza hut has its mission statement as “to take pride in making the perfect pizza, provide courteous and helpful service at all time.”

It’s Vision statement is to Striving to become the world’s optimal pizza delivery company in upcoming years.

The main competitive priorities of pizza hut can be highlighted in the the following points,

A) Pizza hut from its inception always focus towards customers satisfaction.

B) it has taken always advantages to become the first mover in pizza industry.

C) It alwsys offers a new flavor in its pizza’s offerings.

D) it’s key business objective is to provide such a pizza so that customers choose its products again and again.

E) It always place its employees welfare as its top priority. It motivates employees to be associated with it in the long run.

2) As we know that order winners are those performance standards by an organization which provide it the business or results from the customers.

In case of pizza hut these winners are,

A ) its unique tastes.

B ) Unique value delivery to its customers.

C) Competitive pizza pricing.

D) Unique products offerings.

Order qualifiers are required to maintain the customers and revenue generation for time to time . Financial resources , human resource and other safety measures are quite essential to do business by the pizza hut company.

3 ) Pizza hut should focus its functional areas like store operations, personnel , marketing mangement, Finacial management and research & development etc. to become a company having unique offerings to its customers.

It must adhere to the strategic instructions given by its top management to attract and retain new customers with marketing initiatives.

It offers its employees a rigorous growth , learning and leadership opportunities so as to provide them a great success.

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