Solved: Resquest a PESTEL analysis  of Digital Divide Data by Anju Mathew, Grete Rod, Jaime

Resquest a PESTEL analysis  of Digital Divide Data by Anju Mathew, Grete Rod, Jaime Villalobos, and David Yates from MIT Sloan Management?

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PESTEL means Political factor, Environmental factor, Social or Society factor, Technical or Technological factor, Economical or economy factor, Legal aspects or law factors

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Solved: Resquest a PESTEL analysis  of Digital Divide Data by Anju Mathew, Grete Rod, Jaime
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All the above factors are of the macro economy in nature.

We are going to conduct a PESTEL analysis of the company called Digital Divide Data (DDD) as per the guidelines given by the authors mentioned in the question.

DDD was founded in the year 2001; it had a humble start as a tiny Information Technology outsourcing company in Cambodia with less than 15 employees. Soon it saw a tremendous growth and crossing a couple of million dollars.



To what extent the government intervenes and influences on the growth of DDD and what type of support the DDD is getting from the government. DDD has 2 centers in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

As a nation, Cambodia underwent poverty stricken during the period of 1976 to 1979 under Pol Pots Rouge Khmer an anti educationalist, killed over a couple of million educated people – his goal was to get rid of the literate people from Cambodia so that no one can understand his atrocities and intelligent enough to question him.

This type and in human government policies impacted the macro economy and the DDD had to struggle to establish;


The region saw the crisis in macro economy in the year 2008, in spite of this he nation managed to get ranked as 136 amidst a contestants of 177 nations in Human Development Index by the United Nations.


DDD played a key role in the society by recruiting disabled, disadvantaged youths and creating a positive impact in the society.

Of course DDD was not up to the standards in terms of not maintaining the documentations, and project management was not following any pre set standards and guidelines.


DDD has the state of the art technological training initiative – they offer half an year of training including an hour of Spoken English classes, how to compose and send an email, business policies, procedures, standards, and etiquettes, and the actual technical skills needed to do the job well.


DDD grew organically, a thing hard to achieve.


DDD took up partnerships, joint ventures with an Entrepreneur in the local market.

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