Solved: Question 1 Requesting GoVenture Simulation DebriefDiscuss the original strategy

Question 1

Requesting GoVenture Simulation Debrief:

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Solved: Question 1 Requesting GoVenture Simulation DebriefDiscuss the original strategy
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Discuss the original strategy

Identify issues related to the original strategy and underlying assumptions

Key Assumptions

Strategy with Potential / Desired Outcomes

What occurred in subsequent decision rounds – did you have to modify your approach or assumptions and why/why not?

Financial Debriefing – did you achieve your financial goals and why/why not?

graphic regions for the each of the next three years.

Expert Answer

Original Strategy:

  • To make it so simple to interpret, the visuals are helping enough for a user to understand and it is not necessary to know the English language. It is very visual.
  • Specifically to be used for educational purposes only.
  • To facilitate that theoretical knowledge can be applied practically to solve business problems.

Issues related to original strategy and underlying assumptions:

  • Incompetent accounting system in the beginning
  • It became difficult to keep pace with the sudden unexpected growth.
  • Back up plans were not made to deal with traffic.
  • Performance tracking system was inadequate. (strategic failure)


  • Traffic will increase at a constant pace.
  • Technology can be scaled up any time they want in a short period of time.
  • It will take time for people and educational institutions to adopt and accept it.

Strategy for potential results:

  • Make the system very customized that can be altered as per the needs of the customer.
  • Should be affordable and very convenient and simple to use.
  • It should be absolutely automated i.e. coaching and training of students and marking them based on the performance.

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