Solved: Please answer all questions pertaining to the following mini-case

Please answer all questions pertaining to the following mini-case

The Heinz-Kraft corporation (hereafter H-K) is working to introduce AmaYzing Salsa (AS), a combination mayonnaise and salsa sauce that is expected to take the United States by storm. The concept has been in development – originally by Heinz alone – since 2015 and is predicted to make a huge impact, especially among Millennials and their children. “AS” can be used as a salad dressing, sandwich spread, or recipe ingredient. It is guaranteed to add zing in any application, and can fit well into the present barbecue/picnic season, as well as for the upcoming back-to-school period.

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Solved: Please answer all questions pertaining to the following mini-case
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Complete a mini-SWOT analysis for AS, isolating two factors for each of the four areas. Be sure to consider both macro- and micro-environmental factors. (15)

1) Describe two ways in which H-K might estimate potential demand for AS. (10)

2) Draft two specific questions that might be incorporated into a survey to measure the OVERALL appeal of AS as a concept (pre-trial). (10)

3) (a) Which level of Maslow’s Hierarchy might the new product satisfy? Explain. (10)

(b) Choose any cultural, social, or personal factor, relating it to AS. (10)

5.   (a) Review the major segmentation variables and provide a more specific discussion of

the young market to which AS is predicted to appeal. (15)

(b) Recommend a second specific segment which AS might capture, and explain. (10)

6.   Discuss two aspects of branding strategy relevant to the new offering. (10)

7. Choose a competitive strategy that you would consider appropriate for AS, explaining

your rationale. (10)

Expert Answer

SWOT analysis for AS will be as follows :


Excellent Heinz Brand backing

Strong Demand expected among millenials and their children as it is a modern day concept where outdoor eating in picnics have increased

Heinz current network can be used for distribution .


May affect sale of Heinz Sauce and other such products .

May take time to develop preference among population other than millenials .


Have loyal customers all around the world so product can be extended to all parts of the world .

Simillar products in the offering are not effective.


Competition might heat up as the cometitors may close in .

Will have to keep price in the range of mayonese or salsa as a higher price may be counter productive and the product may not find acceptability.

On macroenvironmental front they have to see that on macro level there should not be any opposition from any of the geographical regions on the product and they have to see in which geographical areas they are going to launch this product the product has to be as per the food policy of that country. The production process should not overuse the natural resources and should be environment friendly  . On economic front they have to see whether the purchaing power of people over there can afford this product. Now if review the product we will find that on macroeconomic front the are fine as the product is simillar to existing product which is Salsa. The product should be consistent with food pilicies of various geographic locations . The product should not be overusing natural reources and customers have purchasing power.

On microenvironmental front they have to see whether they have the expertise to maintain the production and make modifications if required to sustain the product in the market. They have the production capabilitie interms of equipments to give them efficient products . Can they support the volumes . Is there any constraint from financial side to the new product . On reviewing these aspects we will find that they have to expertise & capacity to make and maintain and sustain as per demand and financially there are no issues,

1.HK can estimate demand by analyzing the demand of a simillar product it is most likey to replace and secondly by measuring the demand the demand of the product with which it is going to be used. For example it will be replacing either salsa or mayonese and most likely salsa so by etimating the demand of salsa they can estimate the demand . Also it is going to be used in combination with salad . So by estimating the demand of the most common salad item which is only used in salad the demand can be approximated.

2. The survey questions can be :

A. i.Where do you expect the price of AS to be ?

Less than Salsa , Equal to Salsa , More Than Salsa

ii.Are you willing to pay a higher price of AS ? Yes or No

B.i. When are you most likely to use AS?:

In picnic , , In Breakfast , Evening Snacks , In Picnic & In BreakFast , In Breakfast and In Evening Snacks , In all of them

ii. and how often ?

less 5 times in a month , less then 10 times in a month , less then 20 times in a month , more than 20 times in a month

3a. The product will satisfy esteem needs as the users will have a feeling of prestige and a feeling of accomplishments if they are going to go for it .

b Cultural factor is related to the use of AS as it is expected to find most use among millenials . Millenials are expected to recognize themselves with this product and are expect to make its use a part of their culture .

I am expected to do 4 parts of this question. As I am running out of time I am submitting the answers . I will do the other parts in case the question comes back to me

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