Solved: Our text describes seven concepts the authors believe are needed

Our text describes seven concepts the authors believe are needed for an effective TQM program (p. 220). Please choose one, describe it, and explain how the concept helps promote quality and gain competitive advantage. For a gold star, provide an example that illustrates the concept.

Expert Answer

Customer Focus is the approach which the organization follows as a component in every operation. Any task that is carried out the impact is observed as the impact it will have on the customer reaction, satisfaction and experience.

  • According to this specific benchmarks are set
  • Each activity is observed and how it creates value for the customer
  • Then on a periodic basis the re-evaluation is done.
  • Expectation and delivery is matched
  • Accordingly the intervention in terms of quality enhancement is taken up.
  • This is a never ending progressiv cycle

This is where every department ,every activity is involved, all of them take customer orientation as one of the key to growth and as with the regular feedback and intervention, system, processes and quality keeps improving, this leads to better customer experience, providing the company more satisfied customers, leading to more share of wallet, more referrals, word of mount and hence more revenue and profit. This loyal customer base becomes a huge resource and hence a non replicable competitive advantage.

Example: Fitbit,

Fitbit is a fitness wearable company. There are several other companies those have sprung at the time Fitbit came to existence. But Fitbit has taken up customer Focus as a key and parameter for their success.

Now after focusing on customer centric approach,

  • They have more loyal customer base
  • Wide range of products satisfying customer needs (They listended to the expectation and changed products)
  • In case of any mishappening, they took reactive action to remove the pain area, and even replaced their devices
  • Now they are into proactive helping, providing health packages to customers who had a bad experience, so doing Service recovery and winning the old customers back.

Now they had competition from Nike, Jawbone, and so many other prominent companies but they have been able to remain on the top irrespective of all others

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