Solved: Organizaional Behaviour If you were working on a group project

Organizaional Behaviour

If you were working on a group project for a class and a group member was loafing, would you communicate this information to the instructor and other members of the group? Why or why not? Social loafing is most often interpreted as shirking one’s responsibilities/ obligations to the group. Are there times when shirking is ethical or even justified? There are a lot of similarities between work groups and work teams. Is social loafing possible in a team? Why or why not?

Expert Answer

If while working in a group a member loafs it is the duty of the other members to either make him realise that his responsibilities are to be taken care of by him only and if that does not help then you must tell the instructor . Telling this to other group members would bring pessimism so one should avoid that. Shirking of responsibilities is not justified at any cost, but if the group members fails to accomplish the task or does not possess enough skills then he must seek assistance and help to develop the abilities and not shirk of his shoulders and run. Yes, social loafing is possible in a team because the members are of different kinds. Of one wishes to loaf then there would be someone or the other who wishes to take advantage of loafing without the knowledge of the leader. So, in order to avoid that the leader or the instructor must keep a keen eye on the teammates.

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