Solved: locate an article that addresses a contemporary ethics issue and highlights the global

locate an article that addresses a contemporary ethics issue and highlights the global component. Create an ethical and moral framework, using the ethics theories. HINT: This framework should provide you with a way to evaluate the ethics issue and deal with the complexity. Apply the created framework to the contemporary ethics issue, addressing the global component within the analysis. Describe how the application of your framework helps you to address the issue. Describe how the systematic application of the framework helps you effectively and ethically deal with the complexity of the global component.

Expert Answer

Ans: Here is an abstract of an article that was published in a magazine recently.

A licensed nurse refuses to provide CPR to an 87 year old woman who faints in the senior citizen residence where the nurse works.She refused to do so because of “company policy.” It ironical that nurses not only know what to do in such emergencies, they are also supposed to take prompt action on this. Its sad to see them on the phone with the 911 dispatcher because the nurse even refuses to hand over the phone to a passerby so that the dispatcher can instruct someone else to administer CPR.

On probing it was found out that the law actually doesn’t allow what we think of as hands-on nursing to be given to senior residents, since they are not skilled in medical nursing facility. However, the horrible image of a nurse standing by refusing to give phone to anyone else there to get emergency instructions from the 911 dispatcher is highly disturbing as anyone can understand.

The ethical framework is based on Utilitarian ethical theories are depicts one’s ability to predict the consequence of an action. According to utilitarian, the choice that yields the greatest benefit to most people is the one that is ethically correct.Uutilitarianism are of two types, act utilitarianism and rule utilitarianism. According to Act utilitarianism ,a person performs the acts that benefit the most people, regardless of his or her personal feelings or the social constraint such as law. According to Rule utilitarianism it will only consider the law that is concerned with fairness.

If we observe the Utilitarean theory it cleary states that ones ability to act for the benefit of a person in crisis situation is what is called as ethics. And if we go by this framework we can clearlt tell that the nurse should have taken a prompt action despite the ” Law” that she is mentioning about which prevents her from doing so. Even at the worst case scenario her refusal to hand over the phone to the 911 dispatcher is brutally unethical. There should be exceptions in non health care residences such as above case for emergencies that involves this senior residence. A nurse who is that situation should be able to do what any trained lay person is will be able to do. administer CPR when someone stops breathing. If the nurse was not even trained to administer such a basic action of giving CPR, than there is absolutely no point having such nursing facility and clearly needs more trained and skilled nurses to be replaced on priority.

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