Solved: In your words please discuss zero-based budgeting and how this could be a problem for

In your words please discuss zero-based budgeting and how this could be a problem for contracting a consultation process for an organization with many internal and external money problems. Your thoughts and no handwritten respond. I appreciate it.

Expert Answer

Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is a technique used in financial planning in which all the related business operational expenses are reasonably stated for every new period. It begins with a zero base and each task within a business is evaluated for its requirements and expenses. Financial plans are then developed as required for the concerned period irrespective of the fact whether the budget is high or low compared to previous periods.

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Solved: In your words please discuss zero-based budgeting and how this could be a problem for
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Zero-based budgeting permits top level management’s planned objectives to be put into practice into the financial plan process by correlating them with precise well-designed functional areas of the business where expenses can be initially clustered and then considered against prior outcomes and present anticipations.

Zero-based budgeting can help to reduce expenses by evading comprehensive enhancement or reduction compared to a previous period financial plan. However it is a very lengthy process but it helps to ascertain direct earnings as their contributions are more effortlessly ascertainable such as customer service, research and development etc.

For instance an organization engaged in creation of production utensils puts into practice a zero-based budgeting process in order to identify after closely scrutinizing the operational costs in its production division.

Organization observes that the expenses of some components utilized in its finishing goods and outsourced to another producer is growing 5% each year. However the organization has the ability to produce those components in-house and with its own employees.

After taking into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of producing the components in-house the organization comes to conclusion that it can produce the component at low-priced compared to the outside supplier.

The organization instead of blindly increasing the financial plan and operational expenses by an assured proportion it has been able to identify a position where it can either produce or purchase the component for its finished goods.

Zero-based budgeting is a course of action that performs with an objective to recognize and give good reason for the incurred operational expenses however the expenses of the production process should be evaluated against the possibility of cost savings if any that it can identify.

Zero-based budgeting needs a systematic study of the expenditure base in terms of the activities that the business must persist to accept and the precedence positioned on each of these activities.

A holistic zero-based approach facilitates business with elementary preferences about how much funds should be used to pursue its company goals and where these funds should be targeted as this will help organizations to attain significant and prolong cost reduction and this move is considered to be very much sensible, practical and appropriate in a variety of trade situations.

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