Solved: In today's turbulent environment, success depends on employees using their skills and

In today’s turbulent environment, success depends on employees using their skills and capabilities to the fullest. Employee motivation can be a challenge at work. Those leaders who don’t emphasize employee satisfaction as a key part of the organizational strategy will not be able to leverage the potential of the human assets to the fullest.

Every person needs motivation at work. The reasons for working vary widely, but we all work because we obtain something that we need from work. This affects morale, production, retention, and overall quality of life. To create positive employee motivation, employees must have a voice and feel that they are worthy to the team and to the organization.

Can leaders really motivate employees? If so, how and for how long?

Please provide reference APA format.

Expert Answer

Yes, leader can definitely motivate employees. Leaders in an organisation have all the resources at hand to motivate their employees. A leader can motivate him with fair treatment, proper incentives and adequate compensation. As a manager, you can motivate your employees by making sure your work goals align with their work goals.

This motivation would last as long as leader is able to keep himself focused on employees needs and wants and be participative in his teams work and accomplishment.

Bring positive energy into the team- Instead of being the type of leader who sucks the energy away from others, leaders should make sure they strive to bring passion and positive energy to the workplace every day.

Enable a good work life balance – Great leaders have lot of physical, spiritual, and emotional energy, and that energy is usually generated by a strong and supportive relationship with the people they love, regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and setting aside time for reflection.

Employee First – No organization is better than the people who run it.If the people are the engine of your success, to be a great leader you need to attend to your people with a laser-like focus.

Act with integrity. In a time when news reports are filled with the stories of private and public leaders who’ve acted inappropriately and have gone against the best interests of their employees or constituents, showing your employees that you value integrity can help motivate them and create a sense of pride for your organization.

Good communication is the key – Leadership in a way is influencing others, and this cannot be achieved without effective communication. Leaders should work on their ability to influence individuals by choosing words that are impactful to carry their message. Then they need to figure out how to communicate to a larger audience.

Listening is critical – Just as communicating is important, at the same time being a good listener is also critical and plays an important part in employee motivation.

Be a problem solver – Post a sign above your office door that reads, “Don’t Bring Me Problems. Bring Me Solutions.” Then set about the task of guiding each person on your team toward the goal of becoming a top-notch problem solver during this crucial period.

Lead through experience and competence, not through title or position – Leader should mentor their employees, encourage them, make partners out of them. If the leaders want to survive the tough economy, that’s exactly the kind of leadership motif that is needed.

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