Solved: If i subscribe the amount will i be able to view this essay Write a reflective essay

If i subscribe the amount will i be able to view this essay

Write a reflective essay of 3,000 words (+/-10%) on your learning and development in relation to recruitment, selection and retention, including employment branding, as a key element of the HR ‘resourcing’ role…

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Solved: If i subscribe the amount will i be able to view this essay Write a reflective essay
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Learning and development in an organization is most important part where an employee get to learn, experience and develop own skills. Learning is a process which gradually increases with the experience one have doing work . Learning involves solving problem,dealing with them, questioning, sharing ideas, fostering an innovative respone. These learning ultimately leads to the development of the individual. One after learning tackles the problem differently and in positive way. One will be able to generate new and innovative ideas to share with others and inspire other also.

Well, in my personal life I used to follow the Kolb’s learning model where I learn and trying to develop more and more and experience the basic HR activities happens in the organization. Kolb’s learning model consists of four stages :- 1) experience 2) reflect 3) conceptualize 4) plan. Here, in first stage it says that we experience many things from life it may be from home at work or wherever it may be . There is innumerous opportunities to learn from the environment itself to start he learning process. In the second stage ,it is reflection or reflective observation and it says that observing and thinking on our own actions and experiences what we have done and what we have experienced. In the third stage, after thinking on our experiences we need to conceptualize means finding it a meaning to what we have experienced. In the fourth stage, is active experimentation where that’s the time to test the concept what we had generated just before this stage.

Well my experiences on learning and development is also based on Kolb’s learning model. Recruitment is one of the activity I have to deal with on regular basis where I have to recruit candidates. What I have learnt is, to get the candidates into my job posts and all is by attracting them by providing the informations like salary, benefits and a good list of job description over the internet. This leads to reach out the best of the prospects and helps me to get what I am searching for. Next thing is selection and retention ,it is the process where I select recruited candidates as per tue requirements and these are the people who are going to serve the organization. What I have learnt that its all dependent employee and the money if we provide the satisfied amount of money to the emlpoyee for their work they will love to work and show interest to continue but if its not done then employee will starts to leave and show disinterest in work. And the concept of retention is to let tue the working employees stick to that organization for a longer time. So, not only the money, employment branding is also one of the key element in HR resourcing . Here, according to the researcher Michael Porter ,two strategies has to be followed to get the advantage one is differentiation or cost leadership means to attract customers one need to compete the price or be different . In the same way it applies in human resourcing we need to be different so that candidates want to work more for the organisation and also explains others to getinto our organization. These things helps to retain the employees and attracts and inspires others to join in the same company. Well after all these experiences I have set some goals to achieve on what I have learnt and learning as well, like on retention and selection is one the important process it is to happen. In future I want to be the best recruiter for this organization definitely on the basis of what I have learnt and also try to develop mu skills by experimenting on my last activities to grow everyday.

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