Solved: How does fitbit use the internet of things?

How does fitbit use the internet of things?

Expert Answer

The Fitbit users can use IoT for increased connectivity, to increase the device usability it uses internet of things, for example by fitbit user upload the spreadsheet to the GoogleDrive. to synchronize the Fitbit we also have to connect the tracker to the PC and the PC should be connect to the internet. It connect to the internet to sychronize with the Fitbit servers as Fitbit can store for only 7 days data, also Fitbit is used to Find the Location.

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Solved: How does fitbit use the internet of things?
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IoT involves not only the connection and integration of devices that monitors the physical world—temperature, pressure, altitude, motion, proximity to something else, biometrics, sound, images, and so forth—but also the aggregation, relationship, and analysis of the information those devices create in order to take action on the situation, and the business and technology changes required to use the data and analyses.

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