Solved: Explain why total quality can be implemented in any business environment?

Explain why total quality can be implemented in any business environment? How can it be utilized in health care?

Expert Answer

A core definition of total quality management (TQM) describes a management approach to long–term success through customer satisfaction. In a TQM effort, all members of an organization participate in improving processes, products, services, and the culture in which they work. TQM practices in two different sectors and identifies a set of common TQM practices applicable to both the sectors, by reviewing the literature on TQM practices followed by manufacturing and service industries.

The advantages of total quality management (TQM) include:

  • Cost reduction. When applied consistently over time, TQM can reduce costs throughout an organization, especially in the areas of scrap, rework, field service, and warranty cost reduction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Defect reduction
  • Morale

Total quality management (TQM), continuous quality improvement (CQI) and quality control are terms that are becoming very familiar to workers in the health careenvironment. The customer in the health care environment could be the patient, staff, physician and community serviced by the hospital. TQM is based on three principles: continuous quality improvement (CQI), customer focus, and teamwork. Maintaining high quality standards is very important for health care facilities. The healthcare facilities should appoint an office to be responsible for ensuring quality of care in hospitals, ambulatory surgical treatment centers and nursing homes. The office should license and certify the types of health care facilities available. The office should conduct surveys annually for participation in the Medicare program and should be responsible for investigating all facility complaints received from patients. It is important to maintain quality because if the customers’ needs are not satisfied, they may share their opinions and critism through the social networking sites like twitter and Facebook which may damage the organization’s reputation and publicity.

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