Solved: Essentials of Marketing Research page 460 question #2 of text book.

Essentials of Marketing Research
page 460 question #2 of text book.

Question 1 .

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Solved: Essentials of Marketing Research page 460 question #2 of text book.
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Input “” or “Apple” in an Internet search engine along with other key words that may lead you to research reports that describe some aspect of these mammoth companies’ marketing efforts.Try limiting results with the word report should you be overwhelmed with information. Find one of the articles that actually presents some research reports, such as con- sumer reactions to innovations. Prepare PowerPoint slides that contain appropriate charts to present the results. The presentation should be no less than 5 slides. The main objective is to demonstrate through a PowerPoint Presentation a complete understanding of the question.

Expert Answer


1st Slide:

Consumer reactions on Amazon products and service:

  • 67% of the consumers said that express delivery of Amazon is really working well.
  • Only 7% of the customers faced product related issue with amazon in last 3 months.
  • People are very satisfied with the products of Amazon and said they would like to reuse it for their next online shopping.

2nd Slide:

User Base Increase Of Amazon:

12% 2010
18% 2012
34% 2014
28% 2016

Y axis is the percentage increase as compared to the previous period and x axis is the years (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016)

3rd Slide:

Recent innovations of Amazon that were liked by its customers:

  • Introducing Amazon prime was a big Success
  • 34% of its total customers have already adopted the express delivery service of Amazon.
  • The feature of Amazon wherein you can actually see how would a garment looks on you is also liked by people

4th Slide

Negative Aspects:

  • 4.5% of the people said that amazon app is not user friendly
  • There were 200 complaints received every day for wrong product received.
  • Many below quality sellers were present at the e-commerce portal who were blacklisted by the e-commerce giant Amazon.
  • In china it attracted criticism for selling duplicate products.

5th Slide:

Road Ahead:

  • Amazon should now focus on retaining prime customers
  • Variety of products should be increased by attracting sellers from different nations who can introduce some cultural variety as well.
  • Complaints and feedbacks should be worked upon more seriously.
  • Increase in user base has dipped a little in the recent past; company should put efforts in improving it.

The figures are taken from different articles and news papers

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