Solved: Discuss two of the communication style principles.

Discuss two of the communication style principles. Do any of these communication style principles apply to you in your everyday work life? How ?

Expert Answer

Communication is the key in any field of work. Without proper communication, it is very difficult to bring together different people at different tasks to deliver the desired result. Thus, below are the two communication style principles:

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Solved: Discuss two of the communication style principles.
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  • The most important principle in communication is to maintain proper behavioral patterns which includes facial expressions and eye contact. It is also important to maintain proper conduct and posture while communicating which enables listeners to stay attentive and listen to what is being communicated.
  • The second principle is to communicate in a style which keeps the listeners engaged. The communication style also plays a very important role while communicating. Normally, the listening crowd gets off topic and are diverted by various other things. It is very cruicial that people stay attentive and follow the instructions given.

Both the mentioned communication principles are applied in my daily life. As I am a sales professional, these principles helps me in communicating with my customers in a better way. It is challenging to impress customers as they are not willing to provide much time to sales personnel unless they have their own requirement. Thus, hitting the right button and making them engaged in the conversation would make the sale succesful most of the times. It also helps in maintaining good relationship with the customers. Everytime we meet the customer, we need to include something new to keep the customer interested in our conversation.

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